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The podcast driven by students, for the students. EOP counselor Will Diehl discusses advice both academically and personally with various students and staff.

Episode 1

EOP Peer Mentors Keith and Santiago talk about their obstacles as first-gen students and navigating social boundaries.

Episode 2

Sankofa's Transfer Counselor and East Bay EOP Alumni, LD Larkins joins Will to describe his journey into becoming a counselor and why this career was right for him.

Episode 3

Listen to Dahlia Case, SEAS Mental Health Counselor, discuss the adversaries of her students of what it is to be a first-generation student and feeling the pressure of succeeding in academics.

Episode 4

Coordinator of the Black Student Success Center (BSSC), LaRon talks about his journey at CSUEB, from his academic path, to building his career on campus.