EOP at CSU East Bay accepts new CSU Applicants for the Fall Term Only

Requirements for admission to EOP

  • Must be a California resident OR AB 540 eligible
  • Must be an undergraduate
  • Must be a first generation college student
  • Meet EOP income guidelines 
  • Apply (online) for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by priority deadline date of March 2nd
  • Apply (online) for admission to CSU East Bay via CAL STATE APPLY for Fall Term only 
  • Complete (online) the three (3) CSU EOP Forms for the Fall Term only by the deadline dates of Jan 15th (Applicant Form) and January 31 (Two (2) Letters of Recommendation) 

Students must indicate interest for EOP when they apply for admission to the University. For an overview of the steps and deadline, please look at the How to Apply EOP Webpage. The CSU and EOP applications are available at the CAL STATE APPLY website.

Family Income Guidelines

EOP Applicants should meet the low income guidelines listed below and their FAFSA Expected Family Contribution (EFC) must not exceed an annual contribution of $1,500. For additional information, consult the "Plan for College" section of the online CAL STATE APPLY website.

Dependent Students

Family Size

Maximum Income

2 $38,600
3 $44,100
4 $52,000
5 $59,500
6 $67,850
7 $74,350
8 $80,850
Independent Students

Family Size

Maximum Income

Single, No Dependent 1 $16,650
Married, No Dependents other than spouse 2 $28,875
With Dependents other than spouse 2 $49,775
3 $57,975
4 $69,150
5 $79,775
6 $91,550
7 $100,725
8 $110,625

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Students should meet the EOP income guidelines and apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) beginning October 1st each year and no later than March 2nd of the next year to meet the California financial aid priority filing period. The FAFSA will generate an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) amount (and related information) which will be sent to CSU East Bay.  

California Dream Application

Students who are AB 540 eligible must complete the California Dream Application no later than March 2nd each year to determine eligibility for financial aid and EOP income requirements.

EOP Grant

The Financial Aid Office will use the FAFSA or California Dream Application information to determine the student’s financial aid eligibility and only consider those EOP applicants accepted to the EOP program for an EOP Grant – if eligible. You will have a better chance of receiving an EOP Grant and other financial aid if you complete your FAFSA or California Dream Application by the priority deadline date of March 2nd each year.