Social Justice League (SJL)

The Social Justice League (SJL) is a student organization that is supported by the Department of Educational Psychology and recognized by CSUEB. The SJL's mission is to promote and advocate for diversity and equality for underserved populations. SJL are committed to fighting social injustices, promoting awareness about social issues, providing resources and support underprivileged communities. Each semester, SJL members sponsor various activities, on and off campus, to support the community (e.g., fundraising, school adoptions, mental health awareness) as a way to give back, empower, and educate those without voices.

What does Social Justice mean?

Social justice refers to the values that strive to decrease or eliminate inequity, promote inclusiveness of diversity, and establish environments that are supportive for all people. While there are minor variations in the definition of what social justice is, there are commonalities among them all. Most definitions of social justice include: Equal Rights, Equal Opportunity, and Equal Treatment.

The various SJL events aim to encourage all University students to Take Action

  • Become aware of injustice around you
  • Increase your knowledge about issues of social injustice by reading newspapers, internet resources, and talking to others interested in creating change
  • Volunteer with an organization that is promoting change
  • Have conversations with friends to spread your insignt in social injustice
  • Stand up and speak up! Intervene when you witness an injustice and be a voice for yourself and others

 SJL Leadership 2023-2024

League Information

The mission of SJL is to empower people to work toward positive social change and social justice by: 

  • Advocating for disadvantaged youth and underrepresented community members
  • Raising awareness for mental health services 
  • Offering resources to underserved populations 

Established in January 2011. Under the guidance of Dr. Oanh Tran Faculty Member in the Educational Psychology Department.

Since the SJL's establishment in 2011, the pioneering efforts of a few conscientious students continues to grow and provide services to the community. We look forward to serve the neighborhood and for many years yet to come. Even as we graduate and move from the area, we will take our experiences from here and further continue to serve new populations.

Membership is open to all CSUEB students. Members must commit to:

  • Attend informational meetings
  • Participate in service events

Benefits to Joining SJL:

  • Serving and supporting the community
  • Networking with fellow club and community members 
  • Personal satisfaction in helping others
  • Building your resume
  • Collaborative efforts with fellow CSUEB colleagues

2023-2024 Social Justice League Leaders

  • Cheyenne Rhodes 
  • Gwyneth Quitorio 
  • Branda Trinh
  • Lyra Okita



SJL email:

Instagram: csueastbay_socialjusticeleague

To learn more go to BaySync.


SJL Faculty Mentor

Dr. Oanh Tran


  • Social Justice in Schools Speaker Series
  • Prisoners Literature Project
  • Native American Heritage Month
  • Black History Month
  • Women's History Month
  • Co-Sponsor of Take Back the Night at CSUEB
  • CSUEB Diversity Day poster presentation on Mental Health Awareness
  • Al Fresco Outreach and Recruitment event
  • Alameda County Food Bank Canned Food Drive & Hunger in America
  • World AIDS Day (American Assn. for World Health), Guest Speaker invited on campus
  • National Mentoring Month and Condom Awareness
  • Poverty in US
  • Mental Health Awareness Month
  • Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month (National Sexual Violence Resource Center & Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network)
  • National Suicide Awareness Week (American Institute of Suicidology)
  • Helen Keller Deaf-Blind Awareness Week (Hellen Keller Nat’l Center)
  • Out of the Darkness Walk
  • Pleasant Hill Community Service Day
  • Calico Holiday Gift Shop
  • African American Family Network
  • Girls on the Run
  • Care Packages
  • Project Night Light
  • Kid’s Breakfast Club
  • South Hayward Parish Food Collection
  • Disaster Relief
  • Fresh Foods
  • Educating the Black Child
  • Hayward Food Pantry
  • Saint Vincent DuPaul
  • Fresh Food for Families
  • Education Submit
  • Diversity and Inclusion Student Center

SJL Past Leaders

Founding Leaders

  • Molly Weston
  • Gizelle Roberson
  • Ashley McDaid
  • Mary Champion
  • Vicky Breinyn

2011 Leaders

  • Lauren Todoroff
  • Mary Champion
  • Erin Waterhouse
  • Ashley McDaid
  • Diana Wilson

2012 Leaders

  • Tania Resendiz
  • Adrianna Raefield
  • BoAe Kim
  • Rebecca Kim
  • Tiffany Chen

2013 Leaders

  • Bonnie Baker
  • Dionisia Inocencio
  • Griffin Snyder
  • Maricruz Mez
  • Stephanie Chen

2014 Leaders

  • Megan Hill
  • Katherine Kory
  • Rachael Gai
  • Christina Reilly
  • David Alarcon

2015 Leaders

  • Megan Hill
  • Katherine Kory
  • Rachael Gai
  • Christina Reilly
  • David Alarcon

2016 Leaders

  • Megan Hill
  • Katherine Kory
  • Rachael Gai
  • Christina Reilly
  • David Alarcon

2017 Leaders

  • Isella Vite-Arguello
  • Erin Mundy-McCook
  • Victoria Tanaka
  • Vi Doan
  • Anisha Ramani

2018 Leaders

  • Chelsea Simon
  • Heather Glickman
  • Tina Kim
  • Erika Brittain
  • Danna Huang

2019 Leaders

  • Blair Healy
  • Sarah Talcott 
  • Melissa Scherer
  • Jessica Almaraz
  • Yolanda Prado

2020 Leaders

  • Larissa Wright
  • Carmen Rodriguez
  • Samantha Hugger
2021 Leaders
  • Noor Sidhu
  • Daisy Guzman
  • Brittney Richardson
  • Christine Dang
  • Irene Mendez Ortega
  • Gabriella Natoli
  • Jade Knows His Gun

2022 Leaders

  • Jade Knows His Gun
  • Stephanie Sheridan
  • Hanna Palmquist
  • Jasmine Nguyen

2023 Leaders

  • Cheyenne Rhodes 
  • Gwyneth Quitorio 
  • Branda Trinh
  • Lyra Okita