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BACK TO THE BAY 2021 (Virtual Version!)

Student-Centered Classrooms and Campus

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Back to the Bay, CSUEB's annual professional development event is sponsored by Academic Affairs, Office of Faculty Development, the Online Campus, and University Extension. Each year since 2003, Back to the Bay brings faculty and staff together to share their expertise, and learn from one another and campus experts about topics of interest to faculty in their roles as teachers, advisors, researchers, users of technology, and active participants in the campus community. Back to the Bay features a variety of workshops on pedagogy, research, governance, and teaching with technology usually held in Valley Business & Technology Center [VBT]). In August 2020, we hosted our first all virtual Back to the Bay, when over 298 people attended the Keynote Address.  Back to the Bay is held each August on the Thursday before instruction begins.

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AUGUST 12, 2021
Theme: Student-Centered Classrooms and Campus

Session 1: 9:00-9:45 am

Title: Embodying Your Equity Principles through Arts Integration and Forms of Curricular Play

Presenters:  Nicole Sumner, Teacher Education


Title: Helping Students in Distress

Presenters: Shauna Olson Hong, Counseling Services, Darice Ingram, Advocacy Services, CheRonn Ford, Counseling Services


Title: Community Engagement Round Table

Presenters: Mary D’Alleva, Emily Chow, Annie Chan, The Center for Community Engagement


Title: Jamboard for Online Discussion: Lesson Learned

Presenter: Li-Ling Chen, Teacher Education  


Title:Listening to Disabled and Neurodiverse Students: Access Beyond the Accommodation Letter

Presenters: Student Representatives from Disability Justice Club, Christina Chin-Newman, Human Development and Women’s Studies, Maha Jacobs, Communication


Title:Opening Up: Open Access, Open Data, & Open Education at CSUEB 

Presenters: Lana Mariko Wood, Daisy Muralles, University Libraries


Keynote Address: 10:00-10:45 

Zooming in on Higher Education

Presenters: Anthony Lee (he/him/his), Zoom Rooms SME; Tain Barzo (he/him/his), Global Education Product Lead; Pat La Morte (he/him/his), Global Education Solutions Lead


Session 2: 11:00-11:45 am  

Title: Policing in the CSU & Abolitionist Teaching Approaches

Presenters: Amara Miller, Sociology  


Title: The College of Science (CSCI) Math & STEM Lab: Learning Assistant Program

Presenters: Michele de Coteau, College of Science


Title: Trauma Informed Teaching and Care Strategies

Presenter: Shauna Olson Hong, Counseling Services


Title: Develop Students’ Diversity Skills through Course Assignments

Presenter: Nicholas Baham, Ethnic Studies, Julie Stein, Academic Programs and Services


Title: Integrating Indigenous Land Acknowledgement into our Campus Culture

Presenters: Claire Valderama-Wallace, Nursing, Albert Gonzalez, Anthropology, Jenny Hazlehurst,

Biological Sciences


Title:Got Sources? New Primary and Secondary Source Databases for Research and Teaching

Presenters: Lee Adams, Sharon Radcliff, University Libraries


Vendor Breakout Room

Sam Farley from GoReact will share tips and strategies for using this exciting interactive video-based teaching tool.

Chuck Myers from NetTutor will share tips and strategies for using this exciting interactive video-based teaching tool.


Lunch and Social Hour 12:00-12:55 (Lobby)

Vendor Breakout Room 

Sam Farley from GoReact will share tips and strategies for using this exciting  interactive video-based teaching tool.


Session 3: 1:00-1:50 

Title: ACUE: Online Course in Effective Teaching Practices, a funded learning opportunity for faculty

Presenters:  Kim Middleton, ACUE Aaron Bolton, ACUE


Title: Anti-Racist and Liberatory Pedagogy Academy

Presenters: G. Reyes, Educational Leadership, Kim Geron, Political Science, Pascale Guiton, Biological Sciences, Eve Higby, Speech Language and Hearing Sciences


Title: Apples and Oranges?: CSUEB Students, Food Insecurity, and Race

Presenter: Ryan Gamba, Public Health, Lana Mariko Wood, University Libraries, Negin Toosi, Psychology


Title: Connecting the Dots: New Course Proposals, Course Review, & Assessment 

Presenter: Sarah Aubert, Academic Programs and Services, Caron Inouye, General Education, Julie Stein, Academic Programs and Services


Title: Access and Disability Justice at CSUEB

Presenters: Lindsey Grubbs, Public Health, Pamela Baird, Accessibility Services, Dal-Hyun Moon, Kinesiology, Eric Kupers, Theatre & Dance, Jake Lesner, Community Member, Rajan Selvarajan, Management


Title: Internships and Experiential Learning in the Classroom

Presenter: Mariaelena Marcano, Academic Advising & Career Education


Vendor Break Out Room

Sam Farley from GoReact will share tips and strategies for using this exciting  interactive video-based teaching tool.


Session 4: 2:00-2:45

Title: The Dismantling Racism in Nursing Education Task Force: Formation, Aims, and Efforts

Presenters: Claire Valderama-Wallace, Alicia Swartz, Department of Nursing


Title: Beyond the Binary: Affirming our LGBTQ+ Campus Communities

Presenters:Christina Chin-Newman, Eric Kupers, Richard Sprott, Liam Hawkyard 

How do we make our classrooms and campus truly inclusive of students who identify outside the gender and sexual orientation binaries? Join us for interactive activities and collective brainstorming.


Title: CURE: Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience

Presenter:Anndretta Wilson


Title: Q & A with Facilities Development & Operations (FD&O) and EH&S

Presenters:  Winnie Kwofie, Lyanh Luu, Robert Andrews


Title: Spotlight on Student Voice: A Dialogue on Supporting Our First and Second Year Students

Presenter: Carolyn Nelson, Anthony Jackson, Roxana Cruz, Caron Inouye,

Title: Academic Freedom : A Campus policy

Presenter: Hank Reichman, Natalie Ingraham, Eric Engdahl


Session 5: 3:00-3:45

Title: Sustainability, Information Literacy, and Anti-Racist Pedagogy

Presenter: Sharon Radcliff, Emilia Ianeva


Title: Supporting Undocumented/DACAmented/AB540 CSUEB Students

Presenters: Crystal Perez, Martin Castillo

Learn about our DACAmented, AB 540, and other undocumented students at Cal State East Bay, and what it means to be part of a mixed-status family. The panelists will connect attendees with campus resources for supporting our undocumented student population.


Title: Promoting Social Justice Through Course Assignments

Presenters: Claire Valderama-Wallace, Julie Stein


Title: Supporting Student Well-Being and Academic Success through the 'Long Pandemic.'

Presenters: Tyona Harvey, Morgan Sanchez, Carl Stempel


Title: #GetSocial: Improving and Managing Your Social Media Presence

Presenter: Lori Bachand  


Title: Leveraging CSU Alumni For Your Students

Presenters: Travis Nelson, Stephanie Preciado-Nguyen


Welcome Reception for New Faculty (Virtual) - 4:00pm











Keynote Address: 10:00 - 10:45am
Title: Zooming in on Higher Education 
Tain Barzo, Amy Batmazian, Sheeva Jarvid, Anne Kaiser, & Anthony Lee


Vendor Breakout Rooms:

11:00am, 12:00pm and 1:00pm- Sam Farley from GoReact will share tips and strategies for using this
exciting interactive video-based teaching tool.

11:00 am - 11:55am - Chuck Myers from NetTutor will provide
information about virtual tutoring for CSUEB students.