This site supports the newly revised Cal State East Bay syllabus policy and includes a link to the syllabus policy, resources, sample syllabi from our faculty, and a course syllabus template. 

Instructors and students share responsibility for the success of any college course, instructors for laying out clear expectations, and students for being aware of and responding to them.  The syllabus is the primary means of presenting these expectations. 

A syllabus should also:

  • Be inclusive, supportive, and welcoming to all students in language and tone
  • Provide an introduction of the instructor and course
  • Be a transparent roadmap of essential features of the course to help a student be successful
  • Represent an agreement between the instructor and student
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Cal State East Bay Syllabus Policy

The first part of the Revised Policy on Course Syllabus has common syllabus elements that the university loads into every course shell in Canvas each term.

The second part includes required elements for individual course syllabi completed by the course instructor.

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A Sampling of Campus Syllabus Resources

Anti-Racist Educator’s Starting Guide Alliance for the Black Community at CSUEB (ABC)

Why is Learning-Oriented Language Important in Your Syllabus? College of Science

Tips to Make Your Syllabus Inclusive College of Science

Syllabus Design for our Diverse Student Population, Eileen Barrett, Faculty Fellows Project

Co-creating the Course Syllabus, Sukari Ivester, Faculty Fellows project

Universal Design for Learning Accessibility Services 

Essential Syllabus Items for Community Engagement/Service Learning Center for Community Engagement


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Cal State East Bay Sample Syllabi

History 333
Geology 340
Kinesiology 303
Accounting 370



Special thanks to Cal State East Bay faculty who shared their syllabus:

  • Kevin Kaatz, History
  • Michelle McMahon, Geology
  • Michael Rowley, Kinesiology
  • Jing-Wen Yang, Accounting

The following Course Syllabus Template adheres to the new syllabus policy and is available for downloading. You may edit and customize it for your own course: csueb-course-syllabus-template-for-faculty-2023.docx