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Survey and Qualtrics Support

Qualtrics is an easy-to-use online survey platform developed by Qualtrics Labs, Inc. and is available at no cost to affiliated Cal State East Bay students, faculty and staff. Qualtrics licensing supports research, teaching, and administration and combines exceptional ease of use with an advanced set of features. This program is designed to permit the creation of survey instruments, distribution of surveys, data storage and analysis.

Please note: IRB approval does not automatically grant the right to distribute surveys on campus.

Survey Research

CSUEB participates in a number of voluntary and mandatory surveys that are intended to collect data about its students, alumni, faculty and staff for administrative, planning, reporting, and faculty research purposes. In response to the University's ongoing commitment to accountability and to serving the needs of its campuses and wider community, there continues to be a strong need for these types of surveys.

Cal State East Bay Survey Calendar

Ongoing Institutional Surveys




Most Recent Administration and Report Link

Next Administration / Frequency

AACE Graduation Survey

All undergraduate seniors and graduate students

Post-graduation educational and employment outcomes

Spring 2018


Admitted Student Survey (ASQ)

First-time first-year and transfer undergraduate students

Reasons for planning to attend East Bay (e.g., academic programs, financial aid, and recruitment literature)

Spring 2018


Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE)

Incoming first-time first-year undergraduate students

High school experiences and expectations about their educational activities during the first college year

Fall 2019


Campus Dining Survey

All undergraduate and graduate students on Hayward campus

Campus lifestyle and food preferences

Fall 2020

Fall 2022

(every 2 years)

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Students, faculty, and staff

Chancellor’s Office survey, campus selects survey topics (e.g., Accounts Payable, Procurement, Facilities)

Spring 2018

Spring 2019 (May, every year)

Faculty/Staff Campus Climate Survey (CCS)

Current faculty and staff

Perceptions of 10 campus climate factors, harassment and social exclusion experiences

Fall 2016

Spring 2021

(every 2 or 3 years)

Housing Survey

All undergraduate students living in on-campus housing

Satisfaction, sense of belonging, and community

National College Health Assessment (NCHA)

All undergraduate students

Physical and mental health, health habits and behaviors

Spring 2018

Spring 2021

(every 2 years)

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

All first-year and senior undergraduate students

Academic and co-curricular experience (10 engagement indicators, high-impact practices), institutional performance

Spring 2017

Spring 2021

Student Campus Climate Survey (CCS)

All undergraduate and graduate students

Perceptions of 10 campus climate factors, harassment experience

Fall 2013

Spring 2021

(every 2 or 3 years)

Transportation Survey

Sample of students, Faculty, and staff

Assesses emissions from commuting

Spring 2020

Spring 2021 (January, every year)

Contact Eun Rhee (eun.rhee@csueastbay.edu) with questions or for additional reports.