Institutional Review Board

Please see guidance regarding research measures to be taken in light of the coronavirus outbreak under IRB News and Updates.

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is charged with protecting the rights of human subjects who participate in research on or through this campus. This includes research conducted by all CSUEB faculty, staff and student investigators, and also research by investigators from other institutions or agencies who are working in conjunction with CSUEB in any capacity. The IRB is responsible for ensuring that human subjects are informed about and protected from any unnecessary risks that may be associated with participating in research. 

The Code of Federal Regulations,Title 45 Part 46, enforced by the Office of Human Rights Protection, details the regulations surrounding research with human subjects. Subjects must be informed about and protected from unnecessary risks associated with participating in research. The Belmont Report outlines the history of human subjects protection.

The CSUEB Federal-Wide Assurance (FWA00024553), on file in the ORSP office, assures the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Education, and other federal funding agencies that this university will apply the federal regulations to all research conducted on and through this campus.

Please note:

The regulations governing the conduct of human subjects research have been revised and the new regulations took effect January 21, 2019.  The revisions will not affect most investigators at CSUEB, and investigators should continue to submit research protocols in the same way they have in the past.   The IRB will contact you if any modifications required by the revised regulations are required.   For more details, please see the IRB News and Updates page.

All researchers using human subjects doing non-exempt research are required to pass an online research training course. This includes not only the principal investigator but also all co-investigators, research technicians, research assistants, or student assistant who have contact with the research subjects. A course completion report will be issued upon completion of either course. The report must be printed out and submitted with the protocol materials. Both reports are valid for 3 years from the date of issue.

Survey and Datasets Access:

IRB approval does not automatically grant the right to distribute surveys on campus.  Individuals wishing to survey faculty, students and staff should contact ORSP to discuss survey distribution.

IRB approval does not automatically grant researchers access to Cal State East Bay institutional or student data.  For example, while the Institutional Effectiveness and Research office produces and publishes readily available data sets connected to University planning, informing policy, and policy decision-making, resource allocation, and the assessment of institutional effectiveness, the office does not produce data sets for specific individual faculty research and publication.


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