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Data & Action Projects




The Academic Probation Project focused on gathering and analyzing data related to academic probation of students at CSUEB. This team strived to connect with students, particularly transfers, prior to their first semester to communicate relevant policies and regulations, clarify academic requirements and expectations, and make necessary connections and introductions. Their goal was to implement an action plan that will help decrease the number of students with the institution GPA below 2.0 and advance retention rates for this cohort. Furthermore, the team intends to launch an updated website on probation and disqualification matters for easy student access and guided pathways.

Team Members

Michelle Rippy, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice 
Natalia Musgrove, Pioneer Success Coach, Academic Programs & Services
Dana Rucker, Admin Assistant, Psychology 
Philip Cole-Regis, Manager, Academic Projects & Initiatives
Satomi Furuichi, Research Associate, Institutional Effectiveness & Research 
Linda Beebe, Student Support Coordinator, General Education 
Murray Horne, Associate Professor, Psychology
Alexandra Rechtschaffer, Student


Students Who Stop Out-Updated


The Stop-Out Project, the team analyzed data from an enrollment survey administered over the last three years with the intent to conducted an enrollment survey that would help identify key institutional and personal factors that prevented impacted students’ consecutive enrollment in college. Their goal was to explain the experiences and voices of students who stop-out and share these reasons with faculty and staff across campus to help inform systemic policies and processes; thus positively impacting make decisions to lower the stop-out rate.

Team Members

Heather Vilhauer, Assistant Professor, Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism 
Martin Castillo, Associate Vice Provost, Campus Life
Paul Carpenter, Professor/Department Chair, Kinesiology 
Lara Dungan, Admissions Coordinator/Advisor, Nursing 
Alina Engelman, Assistant Professor, Health Sciences 
Jeannie Gee, Program Coordinator, University Extension
Clarissa Hernandez, Admin Analyst, Academic Programs & Services
Eun Rhee, Research Associate, Instiutional Effectiveness & Research


Black Excellence Infographic


“Black Excellence” is a media project that spotlights Black CSUEB Students who successfully completed or are scheduled to complete their degrees in 2 years as transfers and 4 years as freshmen students. Through interviews with Black CSUEB Students and Graduates, the team's goal was to demonstrate positive best practices on campus that support student success while highlighting examples of resilience, strength and perseverance.

Team Members

Steven Cleveland, Professor, Ethnic Studies

Sarah Aubert, Curriculum/Catalog Specialist, Academic Programs & Services

A collaborative, cross-functional team of faculty and staff will focus on this year’s topic, student advising experiences at Cal State East Bay. Recent data from fall 2020 indicate that 27% of students who departed East Bay did not speak with anyone in the campus community about their decision to leave, and 20% of students cited difficulties with their academic advising as a major factor in their decision to not return. The 2021 Data & Action team will engage in a data-driven research process by analyzing results from Cal State East Bay Advising survey results and developing an action plan to enrich advising practices designed to counteract student departure.Outcomes for this year's project are to: 
  • Explore institutional and survey data to understand student success trends at Cal State East Bay.
  • Analyze assessment results related to student experiences with academic advising.
  • Integrate equity-minded student success frameworks into student advising practices.
  • Develop an action plan to strengthen student advising practices on campus.
  • Collaborate across divisions to strengthen institutional commitment to student success.

Team Members

Luz Calvo, Faculty/Chair, Faculty Lead of GANAS Program

Kevin Gin, Senior Strategic Partner, Institutional Effectiveness & Research

Paul Carpenter, Professor/Department Chair, Kinesiology 

Christina Chin-Newman, Professor, Human Development & Women's Studies

Shannon Coskran, PACE Counselor and Coordinator

Saleem Gilmore, Director, EOP

Shonda Goward, Director, Student Center for Academic Achievement

Bill Irwin, Student Success Specialist, Academic Programs & Services

Jennifer Luna, Director, Recreation & Student Wellbeing

Cherie Randolph, Veterans Retention Program Coordinator

Thomas Tyner, Executive Director, University Extention

Disaggregated Ethnicity Data

IER, Office of Diversity, and the campus race-based affinity groups have partnered to engage in data-driven conversations on the breadth and depth of our campus diversity and the range of experiences among Asian, Black, Latinx and Hawaiian/Pacific Islander students. This data provides East Bay a unique opportunity to honor the intent of equity; that is to provide intentional and strategic ways to address needs of students that may have been invisibilized by aggregate data.  This is an incremental step towards decolonizing data - specifically with the aim towards equitable student success.