Robert C. & Jeanne M. Whitney Scholarship

One (1) $500 scholarship is offered to UNDERGRADUATE students majoring in GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES or PHYSICS. In particular, those students showing an interest in teaching secondary or high school science are encouraged to apply. This scholarship is awarded from a donation by Robert C. Whitney, who taught in the Physics and Geology Departments from 1963 to 1990. The following criteria must be met to apply: 24 units completed (or in progress) at CSUEB; 2 personal letters of reference from CSUEB faculty; GPA of 3.0 or higher; personal statement.

Anne Birge Scholarship

The Anne Birge Scholarship will be awarded by the Department Chair to student(s) who are traveling to a conference, particularly those presenting research results.

Department of Physics Outstanding Student of the Year Award

The Department of Physics Outstanding Student of the Year Award will be presented to one student each year.  The student must have taken as least three upper-division physics courses that academic year.  Students may be nominated by any faculty members, and the criteria for the Outstanding Student of the Year Award, in order of importance, are (1) academic performance in upper-division physics courses, (2) achievement in research, and (3) service to the Department, University, and community. Student(s) receive up to $6,000 dollars in scholarship award monies. The Award will be decided by a majority vote of the faculty, although faculty who do not know the physics majors are encouraged to abstain. 

Past recipients of the award include:

2008-2009: Louis Rene Jacome
2009-2010: Keith Penney
2011-2012: Trinity Pradhananga
2012-2013: Jordan Dudley

2013-2014: Jerlyn Swiatlowski

2014-2015: Taichi Inaki

2015-2016: Dilan Patel

2016-2017: Trenton Rosenquist

2017-2018: Dennis Calderon-Madera

2018-2019: Tatum Wilson