Frequently Asked Questions at the STEM LAB.

The STEM LAB’s hours can be viewed here.

All services provided by the STEM LAB are completely free to current CSUEB students.
No, all meetings are walk-ins with no appointment necessary. All you need to do is check-in at the front desk using your netID.
You are welcome to work with any LA who is assigned to your course! The drop-in hours for each course can be viewed here. If there is only one LA for your course or none of the hours' work with your availability, we recommend you check out the other academic support resources available to you, listed in a question below.

You’re always welcome to stop by the STEM LAB and ask if there is anyone working who might be able to answer your question! If they can’t, we recommend you check out the other academic support resources available to you, listed in a question below.

There are several academic support resources available to CSUEB students! 

If you’re in a program such as College Link, Excel, Project IMPACT, etc. please be sure to reach out to them about potential other resources!

STEM LAB is located in the Science Building. It focuses on specific math and science courses that have a Learning Assistant (LA). It offers drop-in group and individual support, as well as a study space for any students.   

SCAA is located in the CORE Building and services multiple subjects (writing, math, sciences) at a wide range of levels. It offers drop-in group tutoring or individual appointments.

Students in the courses we serve are able to use both STEM LAB and SCAA services!

Absolutely! Any CSUEB student, regardless of if they are enrolled in a course we support or not, can use one of the STEM LAB rooms to study. We are open on-campus Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm and are located in South Science 142, South Science 149. You will still check-in at the front desk using your netID but instead of signing you in for a particular course, they will mark you as “general study”.
The STEM LAB staff is able to send proof that a student came to the LAB through our electronic check-in system. Whether or not credit is earned through using the LAB is dependent on your specific class. Please reach out to your instructor for clarification.

Yes, the STEM LAB has technology items that can be borrowed for the day or semester! We have iPads, Wacom writing tablets, and textbooks that can be used for the day in the STEM LAB. We also have TI-84 graphing calculators that can be checked out for the day or for the semester, all you need is your Bay Card. All loaner equipment is available while supplies last. 

If you’re looking for other items such as a laptop, wifi hot spot, headphones, microphones, etc, please visit the CSUEB Library Learning Commons for more information.

If you borrowed a daily loaner calculator, it is due that day by 5pm. If you borrowed a semester loaner calculator, it is due by the last day of finals (May12, 2023).

Please visit the Today Toward Together website for more information about on-campus testing, vaccine & booster requirements, reporting positive cases, exposure guidelines, mask requirements, and more.
Information on becoming an LA can be viewed here. In general, applications open in March for the following Fall semester, and in October for the following Spring semester. Only undergraduate students are eligible for the Learning Assistant (LA) position in the STEM LAB. Graduate students should contact their department for information about becoming a Teaching Associate (TA).