Types of Tutoring

When you come to the SCAA, you will encounter a talented and capable staff of tutors and reception desk assistants who will do their best to help you succeed. The tutor's primary job is to help you discover and develop strategies that will empower your own learning and enhance those skills you already possess. A SCAA tutor's role is not to edit or proofread your papers, or do your math homework while you sit by and observe. Rather than just correcting your errors, the tutors will work together with you. A tutor's goal is to help you become a self-empowered, independent, and successful student, a better editor, and a more competent analyzer of math problems.

A student and a SCAA tutor working together on a laptop

Peer Tutoring

Schedule a one-hour Zoom appointment with a peer tutor, or drop in via Zoom for quick homework help during our regular hours.
Two people's hands pointing and typing on a laptop. Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash.

Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Get written feedback on your writing assignments within 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays)—no appointment necessary.
Student working on a laptop. Photo by Nesa by Makers on Unsplash.


Need help outside of our normal hours? eTutoring offers 24/7 online assistance with a wide range of subjects.
Several students sitting at tables in a classroom

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Wouldn't it be great if a tutor sat through your hardest class with you? SI Leaders do exactly that.