About Us


Student Conduct, Rights & Responsibilities (SCRR) supports the academic mission of Cal State East Bay through administering the student code of conduct with a focus on learning through self-reflection and personal accountability for behavior and decisions. SCRR partners with students, faculty, and staff to be a community of scholars where all strive to become the best version of themselves.


Meet the Staff

James Carroll, Director

James joined the staff at CSUEB in January 2017 and is honored to be a Pioneer! He received his BA degree in Consumer Affairs & Business and his MS degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education, both from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He’s originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Go Steelers!) where he worked primarily in residence life (with some time in orientation and academic advising). Prior to East Bay, he worked for 13 ½ years at UC Berkeley in residence life. As a first generation college student, James is passionate about “giving back” and supporting students as they realize their possibilities and create change in the world! Outside of work, you will find him spending time with his spouse and their dogs, BBQing or dining out, and day trips to wine country!

Favorite Quote: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.


Karen Anderson, Administrative Assistant

Karen has been working on campus since October 2008. She has been in the Office of Student Conduct since January 2012. Prior to working on campus, she worked in retail at Mervyns department store, and their corporate headquarters for many years. Outside of work, she loves to travel, especially to Disneyland!!!!!

Favorite Quote: “All you need is love!” ~ The Beatles


Angelica Gurrola, Graduate Student Assistant

Angelica graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor’s in Social Welfare and Minor in Public Policy. She joined the CSUEB family to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration. Angelica enjoys being a student herself and working in Student Service and Leadership roles. She was previously involved in Student Housing roles, including as a Resident Assistant and now serves the Office of Student Conduct as a Graduate Assistant. As a first generation college student, Angelica is passionate about being involved in her community and helping other students successfully navigate their academic careers. Angelica appreciates spending time with family and exploring the outdoors.

Favorite Quote: “When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid. ” ~ Audre Lorde.


Student Learning Outcomes

As a result of interaction with the Office of Student Conduct, Rights and Responsibilities, students will:

  • Have greater knowledge and awareness of the Student Conduct Code, the student conduct process, and potential consequences for further violations.
  • Understand how the standards for student conduct and academic integrity contribute to the well-being of the university community and how this translates to being members of a global society.
  • Recognize how behaviors (may) impact others and their greater responsibility as a members of the university community.
  • Identify skills, strategies, and resources that are likely to assist them in future decision-making to avoid further violations of the student conduct code.