Policies & Executive Orders



Academic Policies

Policies relating to academic dishonesty, grade appeal, and grade forgiveness. 


Acceptable Computing Use Policy

To promote and protect these ideals and resources, this policy defines acceptable and unacceptable computing uses and practices on campuses and among members of the university community.


Alcohol Policy

The University prohibits the illegal use and/or abuse of alcohol and other drugs, intoxication, and any resulting misconduct. This policy also addresses applicable laws, regulations, policies, procedures and liabilities regarding alcohol and drugs on campus and at University events.


Smoke and Tobacco Free Policy

This policy went into effect at all CSU campuses, including Cal State East Bay, on September 1, 2017.


Executive Orders


Executive Order 1095/1096/1097

Executive Order 1095/1096/1097 (revised January 22, 2023) is the CSU Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Exploitation, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Staking, and Retaliation (Non-discrimination Policy). This supersedes the older versions of EO 1095, EO 1096, and EO 1097 and has been combined into one policy.

Executive Order 1098

Executive Order 1098 (revised August 14, 2020) addresses Student Conduct Procedures, and supersedes the previous versions of EO 1098 as well as EO 1073 and EO 970.