Deescalating Difficult Situations

A guide for CSUEB faculty and staff


California State University, East Bay (CSUEB) is committed to establishing and maintaining a safe and courteous environment for the teaching and learning process. Civility, courtesy, and mutual respect among all persons are intrinsic to such an environment.

Occasionally, that environment is disturbed by the actions or behaviors of individuals. It is important to take a restorative approach to resolve situations considering the impact to all members of the community. At times, it could be an isolated moment that can be addressed with a follow-up conversation. Sometimes it could be more complex where others may need to be partnered in to resolve and support resources. In some situations it may be a student conduct follow-up for a potential violation of the code of conduct. For more detailed information, go to the Standards for Student Conduct page.


Classroom Issues and Possible Strategies

A collective of faculty and staff came together to create guides for deescalating difficult situations for in the classroom and on campus:

Classroom Issues & Guidance for Faculty

Student Issues & Guidance for Staff


If You Need Assistance

If a situation continues despite your attempts to resolve, you may wish to take the following steps:


Campus Support Resources