Campus Sustainability Committee

Cal State East Bay Campus Sustainability Committee (CSC) was created in Spring 2015 in order to fulfill: the California State University System Sustainability Policy; the campus’ Shared Strategic Commitment to, “contribute to a sustainable planet through our academic programs, university operations, and individual behavior,” its sustainability Institutional Learning Outcome to “act responsibly and sustainably at local, national, and global levels,” and in response to the signing of the Carbon Commitment by President Morishita, which includes a requirement to establish an institutional structure to oversee the development and implementation of the associated requirements.


Policy and Procedure updated 9/4/2020

Through transparent decision-making and open discussion forums, the CSC will make recommendations to the Office of the President for how to best meet the directives of the CSU sustainability policy, campus’ Carbon Commitment and Climate Action Plan, and overall campus issues related to environmental, economic, and social sustainability.
The objectives of the CSC include, but are not limited to:
  • Promote and support a culture of sustainability at Cal State East Bay
  • Enhance the sustainability literacy of students, faculty, and staff
  • Review, revise, and recommend plans, projects, programs, policies and procedures to make campus operations more sustainable and meet Carbon Commitment goals
  • Advise the Office of Sustainability
  • Disseminate information about campus sustainability efforts throughout the campus, community, and beyond
The CSC will include representatives from Cal State East Bay faculty, staff, and students, as well as leaders of key campus organizations and community partners. Ex-Officio Members listed below, except for the Executive Sponsors and Chair may appoint a designee. At any time the CSC Executive Sponsors and Co-Chair may discuss the replacement of a CSC ex-officio member position. The CSC Co-Chair would bring this decision to the CSC for a vote.

Ex-Officio Members

  • Executive Sponsors
    • Provost
    • Vice President of Finance and Administration
  • Chair
    • Campus Sustainability Manager
  • Associate Vice President of Campus Life
  • Associate Vice President of Facilities Development and Operations
  • Associate Vice President of Finance
  • Associate Vice President, Student Affairs and Auxiliary Services
  • Associate Vice President of University Communications
  • Associate Vice President of University Extension
  • Director of Parking & Alternative Transportation
  • Environmental Services Manager, The City of Hayward
  • University Diversity Officer
  • Sustainability Liaison Officer (SULO)
  • Associated Students Director of Sustainability Affairs

Two-Year Term (with option of one-year renewal)

  • Faculty (2)

One-Year Term (with option of a one-year renewal)

  • Staff Representative (1)
  • Student Representative (1)


Faculty positions and the staff representative are filled based on a nomination process, either self-nomination or nomination from a campus community member. Nominations for faculty positions will be reviewed and appointed by the Executive Committee to the CSC. Nominations for staff positions will be reviewed by the CSC and voted upon at the last meeting of the academic year.


Faculty serve a two-year term with the option of a one-year renewal. Initial appointments were staggered to avoid terms ending at the same time for each committee member. The staff representative position is a one-year term with the option of a one-year renewal.


Ex-officio members are permanent positions on the CSC. Ex-Officio members are subject to review based on institutional change of position or restructure.


Members of the CSC required to:

  • Attend and actively participate in semesterly CSC meetings
  • Review necessary meeting materials and provide feedback on materials as requested
  • Participate in at least one CSC Task Force or Subcommittee
  • Faculty positions act as a resident expert on sustainability in their area and serve as a reference for related CSC projects.


Being a member of the CSC is deemed service to the university and will be considered positively in the tenure promotion process for faculty and position review process for staff.

Meetings & Minutes

In AY23/24, the CSC will meet on the date listed below via Zoom at 2-3:30 pm.

For more information, please email

Table with agendas and minutes listed by date
Date Agendas Minutes Supplemental Materials
2/2/24 Approved Agenda Presentation Slides
11/3/23 Approved Agenda Minutes Presentation Slides
9/8/23 Approved Agenda Minutes Presentation Slides
4/7/23 Approved Agenda Minutes Presentation Slides
2/3/23 Approved Agenda Minutes Presentation Slides
11/4/22 Approved Agenda Presentation Slides
9/2/22 Approved Agenda Minutes Presentation Slides
5/6/22 Approved Agenda Minutes Presentation Slides
2/4/22 Approved Agenda Minutes Presentation Slides
11/5/21 Approved Agenda Minutes Presentation Slides
9/3/21 Approved Agenda Minutes Presentation Slides


To view a full list of agendas, minutes, and presenations, please view the Archive. To view a full list of approved action items please refer to the Document Library

The CSC will create area-specific task forces as needed to carry out its responsibilities. These task forces will be composed of committee members, other faculty, staff, students, community members, and volunteers as determined by CSC vote. Task forces will be organized as specific initiatives develop and may be dormant when a given project has been implemented. The Director of Sustainability will serve as a co-chair on all Task Forces with another member of the CSC, which will be determined by CSC vote.

Climate Action Plan Implementation Task Force (CAP-IT)


Alternative Transportation Committee