In 2009, Senate Bill 7, required that the State of California reduce 20% per capita urban water use by 2020.  With the current status of the drought of California, on February 4, 2014, the California State University has mandated that campuses reevaluate water usage and implement strategies to reduce water consumption by 20% by 2020.  The statewide CSU Sustainability Policy has set goals of water reduction of 10% by 2016 and 20% by 2020.  


Cal State East Bay Water Conservation Plan

To achieve this ambitious goal, the Cal State East Bay has developed a conservation plan that consists of water monitoring accounting, as well as best management practices (BMP) for water management.  Short term conservation measures are currently being implemented, such as:

Installing low flow toilets and faucets

Planting of native drought tolerant material

Reduced irrigation usage

Abandoning of turf areas


These and other conservation efforts will be necessary to not only address the impacts of the current drought, but to meet the demands of future campus growth and expansion of the university.