In 2014, the passage of law AB 1826, which requires businesses and public entities to sort out organic waste for composting, prompted discussions about altering the waste system at Cal State East Bay. As a result, in partnership with Cascadia Consulting Group, Cal State East Bay conducted a Waste Audit finding that 80 percent of the waste going to landfills was recoverable (50% was compostable and 30% was recyclable). In addition, Cal State East Bay is governed by the CSU Sustainability Policy, which requires all campuses reduce waste by 80% by 2040, and the Carbon Commitment Greenhouse Gas reduction targets.

Because of AB 1826, the CSU Sustainability Policy, and the Carbon Commitment, Cal State East Bay has upgraded the campus waste disposal system from single stream to triple stream.

Compost, Recycling, and Landfill

landfill recycling compost

As of early 2017, all facilities on campus use the triple stream system, which utilizes separate waste bins for handling compost, recycling, and landfill waste.

How to:


  • For food scraps, soiled paper products, and other organic material.
  • Bins can be found in break rooms, common areas, and in areas where food is served.
  • Compost bins are the color green.


  • For clean paper products, glass, metals, and plastics (1-7).
  • Recycling bins will accompany landfill bins across campus, inside and outside of buildings.
  • Recycling bins are the color blue.
  • All items neither compostable nor recyclable such as Styrofoam products, plastic straws, and candy wrappers go in landfill bins.
  • Landfill bins will accompany recycling bins across campus, inside and outside of buildings.
  • Landfill bins will be black and office landfill bins will be small caddies that hang from the side of a larger, blue recycling bin.
  • For more information about what can be composted and recycled at CSUEB view the Waste Management Recycling Information packet for CSUEB.


Hazardous materials and electronic waste disposal is coordinated by Cal State East Bay Environmental Health & Safety.

For additional resources to help your office or classroom use the system, please check out the following links:

For further information on how waste is handled at Cal State East Bay, contact  Facilities Development & Operations
If you would like a training on how to properly use the triple waste steam system, or request the Waste Wizards at your event, please contact the Office of Sustainability at  sustainability@csueastbay.edu .