Classroom Assignments

Preliminary Assignments

Each term when the Schedule of Classes is entered into PeopleSoft by the academic department scheduler, there is a batch process to assign the classrooms. This process occurs approximately 2 months prior to the beginning of classes. The preliminary room assignments will show on the MyCSUEB class schedule on the date when student registration appointments are emailed to the students (2 weeks prior to registration).

Rooms are assigned according to the following priorities:

  • Instructor mobility or other documented ADA compliance needs
  • Enrollment capacity and room capacity matching
  • True instructional technology needs
  • Back-to-back teaching schedules of instructors
  • Proximity to office location

Every attempt is made to accommodate proximity to assigned office space and back-to-back instruction. However due to the need to maximize space utilization, enrollment capacity needs to be matched to room capacity. For this reason, in the schedule planning process careful consideration needs to be given to variable enrollments and back-to-back instruction for any one faculty person.

As an example: if a class of 40 enrollment is taught TTH 10 am and a class of 55 enrollment is taught TTH 12 pm, it cannot be guaranteed that these classes will be assigned the same instructional space. The difference of 15 students is a significant difference in the context of the classroom size distribution. This classroom size distribution can be found on the Academic Scheduling Resources page in the Hayward Lecture Classrooms document.

Hybrid class room assignments

As departments schedule classes with more online content, there is a rise in Hybrid (HY) classes that meet both on campus and online. In order to optimize room utilization and have better choice of appropriate classroom assignments, HY classes with an expected enrollment of 30+ should be paired with another HY class that is scheduled on the paired meeting day, eg. TU & TH or MON & WED. The Hayward campus does not have the capacity to allow a large classroom to sit empty on the day that no other class is scheduled. It is best to try and match this within the academic department first, however if there are no internal matches, the University Scheduling office can be contacted to see if there are other departments with classes that would meet the matching parameter.

Classroom changes before the first day of class

While student enrollments stabilize, there are room assignment changes that may be made. This is likely to occur right up to the beginning of classes. Therefore, it is important to check MyCSUEB before going to the first class meeting. And, once classes begin, further changes can be made to accommodate students on waitlists. For changes made after classes begin, notice will be given through the academic department scheduler.

Room Change Requests

There are many reasons for instructional space change requests. However, the only approved procedure is for the request to go through the academic department scheduler. The reference document that outlines the request process can be found on the Academic Scheduling Resources page or can be downloaded by clicking room change request.