Frequently Asked Questions

The answers depend on the use of the requested location. The most common are outlined below:

Faculty requests for a new classroom for an academic class; or a special meeting for an academic class:
This request would go through the department scheduler who sends the request to Academic Scheduling. The procedures are outlined in the Classroom Assignments section of this website.

Faculty requests for regular class meetings in a computer lab:
This needs to be requested when the term class schedule is being built – about 2 months prior to the beginning of a new term. This request would go through the department scheduler who sends the request to Academic Scheduling.

For the following needs, please ask the Department Scheduler to submit a request via 25Live. Or submit the CSUEB Affiliate Request Form:

  1. Faculty requests for ad hoc class meetings in a computer lab
  2. Department meetings in either conference rooms or classrooms
  3. Department meeting or training in computer labs
  4. Any use of an outdoor location including Athletic facilities
  5. Student organization requests for location: The location request must begin with the Office of Student Life and Leadership.
  6. Request for a location in the University Union, or Housing and Residential Life

Community member or outside organizations requesting to rent a location:
Community groups are welcome to rent facilities at the CSUEB campus. Submit the Non-CSUEB Affiliate Request Form. Reservations and Rentals can also be contacted at:

Concord Campus or Oakland Campus locations:

Reservations for locations at these campuses can be requested through their Request Forms.

Affiliated groups can request technology services (ie. speaker, microphone, laptop) by submitting a ticket through the ITS Service Desk.

Non-affiliated outside groups will need to bring their own technology for their campus rentals.

Basic instructions for using the classroom technology are normally posted on the instructor's desk. Further assistance can be requested by contacting ITS at 510-885-4357

If additional software is required for an instructor computer, or student computers in a computer lab, a ticket can be submitted to the ITS Service Desk.

Submit a Facilities Service Request if there is a non-technological classroom feature that is not working properly (ie. lighting, heating, cooling, chalkboard, whiteboard).

Submit a location request via 25Live, or submit the CSUEB Affiliate Request Form, and we will work with you to get the event set up properly in 25Live.

You can also visit the Event Planning and Reservations and Rentals Resources pages for more detailed information.

If you belong to a certified student organization, you will need to begin your process with the office of Student Life and Leadership.

If the group event is directly associated with an academic class, then you can talk with your professor about planning the event.