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25Live Tips and References

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Searching for a Location

"How do I know what the Location/Resource is named?"

Check out the Public Location Searches on your Home Page (Locations tab if logged in) to see some basic searches.

Or if searching by name here are some guidelines:

1. AE, LI, MB, MI, PE, RO, VBT, buildings use the following naming structure for rooms:

  • Two letters of the building
  • A dash -
  • 4 numbers - if there are only 3 numbers in the room name, a 0 must start the numbers
  • Example:  AE-0253

2. SC building uses a letter after the dash to designate North or South Building

  • Two letters of the building
  • A dash -
  • A Letter
  • 3 numbers
  • Example:  SC-N320

3. Outdoor Locations use only the name of the Location: eg. Agora Stage, Amphitheater, MI Lawn, AE Lawn

4. Names (ie. Biella), part of names (ie. Senate), or classroom numbers (ie. N220 or 0247) can be used as keywords

Searching for a Resource

Resources are assigned based on the operations group.

  • Classrooms and Hayward campus outdoor Locations use Resources that begin with H-
  • University Union Locations use Resources that begin with CRUU-
  • Pioneer Housing Locations use Resources that begin with PH-

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