Reservations and Rentals

The Office of Reservations and Rentals is the primary point of contact for meeting and event planning on the CSUEB Hayward campus. The office has assisted the campus community and local community members for many years with the logistics for events that range from departmental meetings to weekend-long festivals. The office coordinator has the expertise and attention to details to ensure your event is a success.

The Office of Reservations and Rentals will:
  • Provide information on policies and procedures required to sponsor a special event at the University
  • Ensure that all special event/conference programs meet the criteria for University campus locations and service usage and sponsorship
  • Develop a list of locations and services needed for the event
  • Identify logistical requirements such as location needs, parking, signage, public safety, and special equipment needs, and will work with the appropriate campus offices to coordinate these matters
  • Provide a detailed estimate of charges for rentals and special requests for fees due to the University
  • Develop and administer a rental agreement
  • Maintain a periodic check on the progress of the event and prior to the event, review all locations and services for adherence to the program requirements

The Office of Reservations and Rentals will schedule locations needed for all special events with the exception of the University Union and Housing (Pioneer Heights). Before any scheduling of special events/conferences the office will take into consideration the following criteria:

  • Academic program needs
  • Academic support programs
  • Conference needs for campus sponsored programs

 Locations which are not being used for the above programs will then be available for outside organizations for rental.