Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of University Scheduling is to support California State University, East Bay with the most effective use of facilities for

  • academic and instructional classes
  • related university programming
  • community and other rental use of the CSUEB facilities

The office is a resource for data collection and reporting to aid in the decisions and planning that affect facility utilization as well as accommodation of student enrollments.

Facility Priority

  1. Academic instruction supported by the state - or under the auspices of the CSU Self-Support proviso - and Athletic events, receive the first priority for all facilities on campus.
  2. Second priority goes to other regular academic activities such as Division of Continuing and International Education (DCIE). This category includes regular lecture classes and labs; exams and occasional class meetings in non-lecture locations (such as labs, presentation room, recital hall, etc.) that are related to an academic activity.
  3. All other department and faculty requests will be scheduled after the first two priorities are met.
  4. Non-state sponsored events may be reassigned to a new location if an academic priority emerges at least one week before the event, except during the first week of a new term. Enrollment needs often change during the first week of each new term which could necessitate faster relocation of a non-state sponsored class or event. All room changes will have a 24 hour notice and exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The Office of University Scheduling has two functions:

  • Academic Scheduling
    manages all space assignments and special requests for academic classes and meetings associated with academic classes that meet on the Hayward campus; and to oversee the processes for the Concord campus.
  • Reservations and Rentals
    manages the location reservations for all non-academic related meetings and programs, as well as coordinating the logistics for Hayward campus location rentals. Other offices coordinate reservations and rentals for use of facilities operated by Housing, Parking, and programs run by Campus Recreation and University Unions at the Hayward campus and all reservations and rentals at the Concord campus.

Space reservations and rentals for the Concord campus are made by the Special Events Coordinator on the Concord Campus; and for the Oakland Center, you can contact their office directly.