Called to Duty


CSU East Bay supports students who are called away to duty during their college career. We are committed to ensuring deployed students be given as wide a latitude as possible to enable them to seamlessly resume their studies as soon as they are able to do so. For assistance with processing paperwork for a military-related interruption of attendance, please consult Cherie Randolph  via email - 


If a student veteran is called to duty during the semester, it is encouraged for the student to reach out to all professors to inquire on options available for completing the course(s), if possible.

The student must follow the college’s policy on incomplete, if this option is given by the professor. The normal regulations apply, and grades will be recorded as failures if courses are not completed.


If a student has been called to active military duty and, as a result, finds it necessary to withdraw from Cal State East Bay, they are eligible for a refund of fees. They must file a Refund Request Form available at the Cashier's Office with a copy of the orders.

Re-Enrollment of Veterans

Veterans that are returning from military service and have completed the Planned Education Leave paperwork, will receive an enrollment appointment notification prior to the student's scheduled enrollment appointment time.