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Student Advising Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Students declaring the Human Development Major may choose from the following 5 Options:

It is important for all students to consult a Human Development faculty advisor in order to determine major requirements for graduation. Beginning in Fall 2018, California State University, East Bay will be switching from the quarter to the semester system.  Students who will be taking a mix of quarter and semester courses should contact a department faculty advisor for major advising.

A Minor in Human Development requires the completion of 16 units of 300 or 400 level courses with the prefix HDEV. Please note if you declared the Minor in the quarter system you will need to consult a faculty advisor.

It is important to start the process of applying for graduation by no later than the second week of the quarter prior to the quarter in which you graduate. Pay the filing fee on MyCSUEB by clicking on "Apply for Graduation" (or you can pay in the SA building). Have a GE check done at Academic Advising and Career Education (AACE) (or with any other counselor that you may have worked with, such as someone who works with Project IMPACT, Project EXCEL, EOP, etc.). If you have completed the requirements for a Minor, complete a Minor Check with your Minor Department.

It is quite easy, to download the change of major/minor/option form.  Get the signatures, and submit it to Records.

Yes, you can complete two options in HDEV and have them both appear as 'Concentrations' on your transcripts. Although there is some overlap in the lists of electives for options, it is a university rule that three courses in each option should be unique - in other words, you may only 'double count' two courses. This principle also applies to completing three options.

Please note, in order for the title(s) of the option(s) to appear on your degree diploma, you must request it when filing for graduation with the university. For further questions you can e-mail, The follow official language about options: "An option can appear on your diploma if you request it when filing for graduation. If you wish to complete more than one option and have the additional option(s) recorded, each must differ by at least three courses and nine units from any other option you complete."

This is the last academic year the university will be running on the quarter system. Starting in Fall 2018 we will convert to semesters. Our department has worked diligently to create a curriculum that aligns with the semester system. We will be sharing what those classes look like later in the academic year.

If you are currently a senior –

  • Stay in your courses and plan to graduate by the end of Spring 2018!
  • In theory, you should have senior option classes and HDEV 4811 and HDEV 4812 left.
  • Ask an adviser at AACE to review your GE requirements.

If you are a currently a junior –

  • Stay on the junior foundation track.
  • In the winter please try to take the following:
    • HDEV 3102, HDEV 3202, HDEV 3302
  • In the spring please try to take the following:
    • HDEV 3103, HDEV 3203, HDEV 3303
  • If you haven’t taken 3304, please consider registering for it in the upcoming Winter, Spring, or Summer Term.
  • The HDEV Department is not filling out IAPs (Individual Advising Plan). You will find that it is no longer listed as a requirement on your MYCSUEB page.
  • Ask an adviser at AACE to review your GE requirements

This coming summer there will be a 7-week condensed summer school. This will be the last opportunity to take classes in the current quarter curriculum. We will know more about these offerings as summer draws near. We understand that you may feel some trepidation about the upcoming change. But rest assured, we will try to make the transition as painless as possible. In the coming months, you will receive emails from the department to help keep you on track.

If you have questions, all full-time faculty members are available to assist. See our advising hours.

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