Before Applying for Graduation

Review the information on this page prior to submitting an application for graduation to ensure you are aware of all recommendations, processes and deadlines for graduation. If you have already applied, see After Applying for Graduation for more information

There are 5 steps to follow before you apply for graduation.

  1. Run your Degree Audit Report (DAR) in MyCSUEB.  While this report is not an official graduation document, it can be a useful tool in helping to plan your course enrollment.  For information on how to access and interpret your Degree Audit Report, view our How to Access Your DAR handout.If you have questions about your DAR, an advisor can help with interpreting it.

  2. Meet with your major advisor.

  3. Meet with an academic General Education (GE) advisor to go over all non-major requirements (for undergraduate students).

  4. Verify that your major (and any option or minor) is accurately listed on your record. You can review this on your Student Center in MyCSUEB.

  5. Ensure that all transfer credit completed is reflected on your record.

Applying for graduation is a required step for all students wishing to graduate from Cal State East Bay, except for Credential Program students. Even if all requirements are complete, a student must be a graduation candidate for a degree to be conferred.

Below are the Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Graduation:

  • Undergraduate students are eligible to apply for graduation if they have completed 90 semester units. Transfer students from community colleges may only use a maximum of 70 semester units  of community college work towards this minimum. 
  • Graduate students are eligible to file for graduation their first term of admission. 

Students who are completing a Credential program only (with no additional graduate degree programs in progress) do not need to apply for graduation. Check with your Credential Program office for additional information.

  • Continuing students must apply for graduation online. Log in to MyCSUEB select the Student Record Services tile and then select “Apply for Graduation” and follow the prompts to select the degree and term for your graduation. Please refer to Important Dates to view the deadlines to file for graduation.
  • If you are no longer a continuing/active student (discontinued), you will need to file a paper application for graduation.

NOTE: After you apply for graduation, the $55 nonrefundable graduation filing fee will be applied to your student account.

Students should only apply for graduation for the term in which they intend to graduate. To determine your expected graduation date, meet with your major and academic advisors.

Deadlines to Apply for Graduation

Deadlines to Apply for Graduation
Graduation Term Priority Deadline to Apply for Graduation* Late Deadline to Apply for Graduation
Spring October 1st November 1st
Summer/Fall March 1st April 1st

*Undergraduate students who file or move their graduation by the priority deadline listed above, and who have  90 semester units will be given “graduating senior” priority registration appointments.

Below are the two criteria that must be met in order for undergraduates to receive a graduating senior priority registration appointment.

  1. Students must file for graduation, or update their term of graduation from a previous term, by the deadlines below.
    • Spring deadline: October 1st
    • Summer/Fall deadline: March 1st
  2. Students must have completed a minimum of 90 semester units. In progress units do not count. For transfer students, only a maximum of 70 semester units of community college work can be used to determine the 90 semester units.