Sometimes, videos can be the quickest and easiest form of help. If you need help with enrolling in classes, dropping classes, understanding your degree requirements and more, click here!

A course scheduling tool, built right into MyCSUEB to assist students in finding classes and class combinations that fit together and around other time commitments.

A video to demonstrate how to search for and select courses, add them to the Shopping Cart, and Finish Enrolling for classes. It will also show how to find GE courses.

The Degree Audit Report (DAR) is an evaluation report of previous and current classes, and how they complete degree requirements. The DAR is accessible via MyCSUEB.

Essential Websites

Name Link Purpose
University Homepage Our school’s website. You are highly encouraged to take some time to explore. Many questions you might have can be answered with a search bar query.
MyCSUEB Student Portal A “portal” is a grand entrance to something - in this case, your academic life at East Bay. Course enrollment, grades, financial aid, bill pay... It’s all here!
Canvas Classes you take at East Bay may either be completely or partially online. Canvas is used to access online classes.
Catalog Plan ahead and see what classes CSUEB has to offer over the course of the upcoming semester.
Important Dates Staying ahead of schedule is only possible if you know when things are due. Write these in your digital or paper planner at the beginning of every term!! 
Financial Aid Most students receive some form of aid, whether that be grants or loans. ALWAYS ask a Financial Aid Office expert if you have questions - whenever the rules change, they know!
Cashier's Office For questions/concerns about direct deposit, paying your bill, payment plans, and such. Different from financial aid!
Student CARE Links for Accessibility Services, SHCS, HOPE, and emergency assistance.


Accessibility Statement: CSU East Bay is dedicated to providing equal opportunity and access for every student. If you need accommodations for a documented learning or physical disability, feel free to share with your advisor. You are not required by law to do so, but you are your own best advocate and it helps to share relevant information. We will refer you to the Accessibility Services Center for additional assistance and support.

FERPA Statement: The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a federal law that aims to protect the privacy of students. This means that only you have legal access to your grades. Your parents, friends, peers, and significant others do not. Advisors are not allowed by federal law to discuss your grades with anyone but you, unless an Online Waiver has been completed by the student.