Services and Support

Mission and Background

Asian Pacific American Student Success programs began operations in Fall 2016, and its offerings are specifically designed for students in need of additional academic and personal support to successfully pursue and complete a college education. Historically students from Asian American and Pacific Islander backgrounds face challenges in higher education.

Asian Pacific American Student Success Services

Asian Pacific American Student Success provides an array of services and opportunities to help its members succeed in school. Some of the benefits of participating in the program are listed below:

  • Peer Mentoring
  • Access to Academic Tutoring
  • Academic Advising
  • Cohort Style Classes
  • Asian and Pacific Islander Themed Campus Events
  • Academic Lecture Series
  • Career Readiness Workshops
  • Writing Skills Test (WST) Waiver
  • Access to Restricted AAPI Scholarship Opportunities
  • Assistance with Internship Placement

Project Goals and Outcomes

Asian Pacific American Student Success program goals will attempt to increase academic support, major and career advising, increased graduation rate, and create a supportive community for students pursuing higher education. The overall results of the program will provide student data to aid the university in understanding and meeting the needs of the AAPI student population.