Grade Forgiveness

Undergraduate students (regular enrollment and Open University) may repeat courses only if they earned grades lower than a C (including C-, D+ D, F, WU, IC and NC). Repeating a course with an incomplete (“I”) grade is not allowed; a grade must be assigned or the “I” must revert to an “IC” prior to repeating the course. The policies regarding repeating courses with Grade Forgiveness or Grade Averaging as described below apply only to courses taken and repeated at Cal State East Bay. Any student who is repeating a course (except if the grade for that course was “W”) is not permitted to register during the first or second pass and must register on a space available basis during or after the open enrollment period.

Undergraduate, degree-seeking students may repeat a course for grade forgiveness two times.  “Grade forgiveness” is the phrase indicating that the earlier attempt(s) is ignored in GPA calculations, but not removed from the record, subject to the following conditions.

Course Equivalencies For Purposes of Grade Forgiveness

For information about forgiveness equivalencies for quarter-based courses, students should contact the chair of the corresponding department. 

Equivalent course groups (ECGs) are certain General Education courses that are considered equivalent for the purposes of grade forgiveness. Therefore, students will receive credit for only one course in each of the following groups:

  • CHEM 161, CHEM 165.
  • GEOL 100, GEOL 101.
  • INFO 210, INFO 220.
  • STAT 100, STAT 110.


Unit Limit on Repeating Courses

Students are limited to 28 semester units.

1. Students can only receive grade forgiveness for 16 semester units of coursework.

2. Students may repeat an additional 12 semester units of coursework for grade averaging. The quality hours and quality points of the repeated courses will be averaged, while the units earned for these subsequent attempts will not be counted.

3. Students who have repeated the maximum allowable, are otherwise making appropriate progress to degree, and still need to repeat courses to fulfill specific major or minor requirements necessary for graduation may petition for an exception to the 28-unit limit. The General Education Office will administer the petition process. Any course(s) approved for repeating by this petition process will be grade averaged.

Grade Forgiveness is not possible in the following circumstances:

  1. Repeating any one course for Grade Forgiveness more than twice. (Some departments may restrict grade forgiveness to only one repeat.)
  2. Repeating a grade of “C” (2.0) or better.
  3. Any grade assigned as a result of academic dishonesty.
  4. If the original grade(s) was assigned at Cal State East Bay, Grade Forgiveness by repeating a course at another institution is normally not possible. (Exceptions may be made for disqualified students who file an approved petition prior to repeating the course elsewhere, but only to the extent necessary for their readmission.) Disqualified students repeating courses through Open University at Cal State East Bay, only to the extent necessary for their readmission, do not need to file a petition.

Cal State East Bay honors the Grade Forgiveness policies of other institutions as stated on their official transcripts.