What is CSSA?

“The Cal State Student Association (CSSA), as a student-led organization, strives to improve the lives of California State University (CSU) students by advocating for student needs and engaging students in systemwide, state, and federal higher education policymaking.”

The California State Student Association is a nonprofit, nonpartisan student lead organization.  CSSA has been composed of all 23 Cal State Universities from all over the state since 1959. CSSA is recognized by California Legislators and the California State University (CSU) Trustees as the official voice for 480,00 CSU students.

For more information and upcoming events, please visit:  http://calstatestudents.org/


Recent successes CSSA has made for students include college textbook affordability, combating food insecurity, student participation in the governance of the CSU system, advocating for more state funding for the CSU system, and more. If you are a student concerned about similar issues and advocate for access to affordable and high-quality CSU education, find out about volunteer opportunities and CSSA events by emailing Guadalupe Felix at  asidirlegaffairs@csueastbay.edu.

Low Cost

$2 per semester or $4 per year is lower than any other CSU fee, yet among the CSU student population, it will ensure a more stable statewide student body organization. The ability to anticipate revenues and engage in short and long-term program planning can dramatically improve the association’s effectiveness.


CSSA Plenary Meetings

Plenary Meetings 2023
Dates Location
January 28th - 29th In-Person – San Jose
February 26th Special Meeting of Legislative Affairs (Virtual)
March 4th CSU Sacramento
April 01st-02nd Virtual
April 16th CSSA Elections (Virtual)
May 6th-7th CSU - Bakersfield
July 7th-9th In-Person – CSU Office of the Chancellor, Long Beach 
August 12th-14th In-Person – Dominguez Hills
September 9th-10th Virtual
October 7th-8th Virtual
November 4th-5th In-Person – Maritime Academy

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