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Concord Campus

The Concord Campus Committee is responsible for overseeing and disseminating all ASI-related information to the Concord Campus. This committee will work closely with the University administration to ensure that the needs of Concord Campus students are met in a satisfactory manner. The purpose and duties of the Concord Campus Committee shall be to:

  • Recommend quarterly events to be organized at the Concord Campus.
  • Serve in an advisory capacity in budget and fiscal matters related to Concord funding to the ASI Board of Directors.
  • Serve as ambassadors to all Concord Campus Students.
  • Organize events to build the relationship between Concord and Hayward Student Body.
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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee assumes the responsibility for overseeing and managing the overall financial aspects of the corporation. The purpose and duties of the Finance Committee shall be to:

  • Report the year-end fiscal audit process for the corporation.
  • Develop and recommend policies and procedures to the board for the use of funds across the organization in coordination with the Executive Director and lead accountant, only when needed.
  • Participate in preparing budget revisions and the annual budget recommendations and forward the recommendations to the Board.
  • Develop and recommend policies and procedures for student club and orgs funding.
  • Review club and organization funding requests.
  • Research and implement initiatives for fundraising and cost savings.
  • Actions of the Finance Committee are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.
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Internal Affairs Committee

The Internal Affairs Committee is responsible for overseeing and disseminating information on all student activities presented and sponsored by the corporation. The purpose and duties of the ASI Internal Committee shall be to:

  • Disseminate information to the Board and Senate on all activities, actions, and student services.
  • Organize all ASI Ad-hoc Committees established by the Board of Directors.
  • Assist the Executive Director with developing, maintaining, and reviewing policies, procedures, and any requirements expected to be completed for the organization.
  • Review all past and present policies and make recommendations on internal ASI documents and policies.
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External Affairs Committee

The External Affairs Committee is responsible for planning, overseeing, and carrying out business related to researching, monitoring, interpreting, and evaluating local, state, and federal legislation and policy that affects higher education, the CSU system, and CSU East Bay (CSUEB) students. The purpose and duties of the Legislative Affairs Committee shall be to:

  • Inform CSUEB students on legislation, issues, and policies affecting higher education (i.e. tabling, class presentation, workshops, open forums, fliers, newsletters, email, social media, and articles in the campus newspaper).
  • Stay updated with legislation, policy, and issues affecting the local communities of CSUEB.
  • Coordinate on-campus voter registration drives and polling booths for national, state, local, and special elections.
  • Coordinate events/rallies/demonstrations, as appropriate, on issues and concerns affecting students.
  • Organize students to lobby officials at the local, state, and federal levels of government.
  • Officers may be responsible for areas including, but not limited to, Hayward, Oakland, San Leandro, Fremont, and the County of Alameda.
  • Disseminate information from the CSSA and determine CSUEB’s ASI position in CSSA legislative-related issues.
  • The Chair shall inform the Board of Directors and recommend positions regarding legislation and policy that affects higher education, the CSU system, and/or CSUEB students.
  • Meet with the University Director of Governmental Relations at least once a semester.
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Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee shall work with representatives of all ASI programming departments to set the vision for events. This group will also regularly poll the opinion of students for their desired programs and services. The program council members and volunteers will work in concert with advisors and select staff to plan and deliver various events and activities within the budget parameters set by the ASI Board of Directors. This committee will meet at least twice a month during the academic year. The purpose of this committee is to:

  • Poll students from all areas of campus on the types of events and activities they would like to see ASI support and/or provide.
  • Report regularly to the Board of Directors on all events and activities held in ASI.
  • Work with staff and advisors to set the priority of the next fiscal year’s activity calendar.
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Sustainability Affairs Committee

The Sustainability Affairs Committee’s purpose and duties involve promoting environmental awareness in the campus community, partnering with University staff and faculty as well as the Facilities and Operations Department. The committee shall work to develop student programs geared toward the advancement of sustainability on campus. Other duties of the Sustainability Affairs Committee shall be to:

  • Poll students on issues of sustainability.
  • Promote awareness of campus sustainability efforts through various methods (i.e. social media, tabling, and campus events).
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with the University to support environmental sustainability projects.
  • Develop and maintain strategies and policies to increase ASI’s sustainability performance and reduce the environmental impact of ASI.
  • Report to the Board of Directors on matters of sustainability. 
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