ASI Presents

ASI Presents was created to enhance the Cal State East Bay student’s college experience through a variety of activities & events. ASI Presents is staffed primarily by students who plan and implement these opportunities. These opportunities help our ASI Presents student staff develops lifelong skills to complement their academic experiences at Cal State East Bay.

ASI Presents's events include concerts, talent shows, movie nights, DIY events, comedy performances, spoken word artists, and more. 

ASI Presents strives to strengthen and embody the overall mission of ASI by developing events that connect and engage the educational and social lives of the Cal State East Bay community.  We are committed to providing a variety of fun and transformative activities/events that foster an inclusive environment. Through personal growth, student involvement, collaboration with campus and community partners, ASI Presents' overall mission is to support the vibrancy of the student experience at Cal State East Bay.