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Become a CAP Partner

Employers who partner with the Cal State East Bay CAP program commit to building a holistic pipeline of support and opportunities that will directly benefit the future of their employment pool. Employers looking for motivated and skilled applicants can invest in the academic and professional success of their potential future employees by becoming a CAP program partner. Partners join a network of employers who understand the need for inclusive recruiting practices to meet diversity-driven goals and to better address systemic employment disparities.

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Menu of Opportunities

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We're happy to spread the word!

  • Campus Outreach — Student outreach for internships, scholarships, seminar series, and other external events. We advertise these various opportunities through emails, our CAP Discord Server, faculty and staff and other means of communications.
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Where stronger connections are developed.

  • Company Site-Visits — Hosting a group of students on a site tour of your company to increase awareness of STEM disciplines.
  • Guest Speaker (virtual or in-person) — Be a guest speaker for Cal State East Bay students! Share your personal experiences at our CAP workshops, Biology Seminar Series, or the Spitzer Physics Seminar Series.
  • Judge Panelist Volunteer — Join a judging panel to connect directly with our students and learn about the skills your future employees will bring to the table. You will ask a few interviewing questions and provide feedback on their career materials.
Level 3

Internship Pipeline Development

We work alongside various companies and national laboratories to create guaranteed paid internship opportunities to equip Cal State East Bay students with enriching experiences that could help steer them towards a STEM-focused career path.

To set up a direct pipeline of talent for your team, CAP offers the following support:

  • Career Readiness Workshops — Guiding students with up-to-date information to create and improve their resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and interviewing skills that are necessary to meet employment requirements.
  • Opportunity Matching — CAP and the Institute for STEM Education seek out students for the positions that our partner provides and we match the roles with qualified individuals. This option works hand-in-hand with our Career Readiness Workshops.