What is a Minor?

A minor is an area of specialty in a field or group of related fields other than your major. Minors range in size from 15-30 semester units, at least 9 of which must be upper division. The minimum grade point average for a minor is 2.00, so students must take at least one course on the A-F grading pattern. At least 9 units must be taken at Cal State East Bay for a minor to be recognized on the student’s diploma and/or permanent record.

Who Can Declare a Minor?

No student is required to have a minor, so it will not appear on the student’s record or diploma unless they request it. Students can declare a minor at any point during their college career. Courses in a minor may be double-counted in G.E. However, at least 9 semester units of a minor must not be double-counted in the discipline of the major for Cal State East Bay to recognize the minor. 

What Minors are Available?