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The GE, Overlay, and Code (GEOC) Subcommittee of CIC reviews proposals for new GEOC certifications, revisions to existing GEOC courses, and existing GEOC courses up for recertification. All the information on this page is provided in greater detail in the Faculty Guide to GEOC Course Approvals.  


The GEOC Subcommittee ensures that courses approved for GE, Overlay, and/or Code credit reflect the spirit of general education.  In reviewing courses, the committee looks for evidence that a course has, at its heart, the GEOC learning outcomes and that these outcomes are the primary focus of and fully integrated into the course. In particular, GEOC learning outcomes should not seem incidental or inserted into an existing non-GEOC course.  Course-specific learning outcomes, content, activities, and assignments/assessments must mutually reinforce the GEOC learning outcomes; and the elements of GE should be present even in the course description.

Process and Timeline

Senate policy establishes a Timeline for Curricular Changes (17-18 CIC 35), and the Curricular Procedures Manual describes the approval process for new course, revision, and recertification requests. The approval process for GEOC courses is highlighted below.  All processes are originated, routed, and tracked through Curriculog.

Course proposals revision/recertification requests must pass the College Curriculum Committee step and reach the APS step by October 15th.  


Course proposals/revision/recertification requests that do not reach APS by October 15 must be re-submitted using the appropriate Curriculog form for the next catalog year.

GEOC Recertification Cycle

GEOC Recertification CycleExisting GEOC courses will be reviewed by the GEOC Subcommittee on 5-year intervals. The figure (right) shows the review cycle beginning with the 2021-22 academic year. Important points to note:

  • Any existing GEOC course that is not approved by the committee for recertification will lose its GEOC certification(s), effective Fall 2023.
  • Course recertification reviews will occur according to the schedule regardless of when the course was originally certified.
  • Courses that carry a GE along with an Overlay and/or Code certifications will be reviewed for all certifications according to the GE designation. 
  • Upper-division C (UD-C) courses and their associated Overlays will be reviewed for recertification in 2022-23.
  • Course recertification requests must reach APS by October 15, 2022.  

Making A GEOC Course Approval Request

The Curricular Procedures Manual provides step-by-step instructions, timelines, and other necessary information needed for launching new course requests, course revision requests, or other curricular changes to academic programs at Cal State East Bay. These procedures are in compliance with local CSUEB policy, CSU Chancellor's Office guidelines, and WASC accreditation standards. The details most germane to GEOC course requests are explained with step-by-step instructions in the Faculty Guide to GEOC Course Approvals.  

Curriculog Logo

All GEOC course approval requests/forms should be created, launched, and tracked exclusively online via Curriculog, CSUEB's curriculum management platform.   

Contact Lead Curriculum Services Analyst/University Curriculum Coordinator, Rick Rader at or Curriculum Analyst, Julie Mielke at for any Curriculog-related questions, issues, or training.   

GEOC Review Criteria

Carefully follow the instructions detailed in the Curriculog New Proposal form.  The Director of General Education and the GEOC Subcommittee base their evaluations and decisions on the information provided in the proposal form and representative course syllabi, i.e., the evidence used to determine whether the course clearly meets all the stated GEOC learning outcomes and course characteristics (if applicable) in each instructional format proposed.

Make sure to complete all the necessary sections in the Curriculog Course Proposal Form.  In particular, the GEOC Subcommittee will look closely at the following information in its review process:

  • Course Information 
  • Evidence of Course Alignment to GEOC Learning Outcomes 
  • Course Characteristics, if applicable 
  • Course Syllabus (uploaded to Curriculog form; provide representative course syllabus for each instructional mode--fully on-ground, hybrid, and/or fully online)

GEOC Subcommittee Decisions

Below is a summary diagram of what happens to a course proposal once the committee renders a decision to approve, table, or reject.

 geoc decisions












Keep track of all comments and alerts posted to your Curriculog proposal once it leaves your step. The proposal may be rejected or delayed due to incorrect or missing information. Prompt response to any proposal delay will ensure the proposal moves through the approval steps as expeditiously as possible and increases the chances of GEOC approval.

The most common problems that delay course proposals at the APS/GE Director’s steps (prior to reaching the GEOC Subcommittee) are:

  1. Course syllabi lack the relevant GE/Breadth learning outcomes.
  2. A representative syllabus for each instructional format is not provided.
  3. Course-specific learning outcomes listed in the proposal form differ from those listed in the course syllabi provided.
  4. Information provided in in the form and/or syllabus is too vague or insufficient to ascertain how the course addresses the GEOC learning outcomes and/or course criteria.

In addition, keep track of when your course will be on the GEOC Subcommittee meeting agenda and up for discussion/review. GEOC meetings are open to all faculty guests. You may request a time certain from the GEOC Subcommittee Chair.  The GEOC Subcommittee meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month during the academic year from 2 - 4 PM in SF 328 or by Zoom. 



Here's a list of some GEOC-certified courses that have submitted exemplary GEOC proposals.  These proposals are accessible in Curriculog.


Email the Director of General Education and Chair of the GEOC Subcommittee with any questions or concerns about the GEOC course application or approval process at:  TBA