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PAW Approved

Many of us struggle to figure out which are the healthier choices. Peer Advocates for Wellness (PAW) collaborated with the Cal State East Bay campus community to identify healthier food, drink, and physical activity options on campus with the PAW Approved campaign. We encourage students to make the healthiest choice they can with the resources available to them at the current time.

Items have been selected in consultation with USDA food guidelines, Health & Wellness Services, and a registered dietitian to fit the lives of busy college students on the go! You can find more information on healthier choices by checking out ChooseMyPlate and use the SuperTracker food and physical activity tracking tools.

What are healthier choices I can make?

PAW Approved items for nutrition are based upon a 2,000 calorie diet. Visit What's My Plate? to see what items that includes.

How do I balance physical activity with my eating?

Adults age 18-64 years old should engage in at least 150-minutes minutes of moderate physical activity each week with at least 2 days of strength training. This can be broken down into 30-minute increments spread throughout the week to make it manageable for busy student schedules. For more information check out how much physical activity is needed?

You can also check out ChooseMyPlate for interactive tools to help you plan and track your physical activity goals. Use the SuperTracker physical activity tracker to monitor your activities throughout the week. Keep in mind that a little activity is better than none. Set your personal goals and try to increase that over time. Always consult your healthcare provider if your are new to exercise and want to start a fitness routine.

Where can I find healthier choices at CSUEB?

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