Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics is striving to operationalize our commitment to Access, Equity, Flexibility and Community.  We are dedicated to creating equitable, inclusive, anti-racist spaces for students to grow, learn, and flourish as mathematical thinkers.  We encourage all members of our community to engage in this ongoing work. 

Mathematics is an intriguing, interesting and beautiful subject. It is also challenging and rigorous. Students are drawn to mathematics because of its clarity and the joy of discovering solutions to difficult problems. The Department of Mathematics offers strong Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees that include a variety of courses intended to prepare students for a career in any mathematics related field or other areas that value quantitative and problem-solving skills. The program allows flexibility in breadth and depth where students can choose among courses with applied and pure emphases. The faculty are committed to creating a welcoming environment and providing opportunities for all students to explore mathematics within and beyond the classroom.

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