The names listed here are not endorsed by the Mathematics Department.  We are merely providing this list as a service to the public and are making no claims as to the skills, expertise, or qualifications of the tutors.  Please contact the individual tutors directly.

Names of Tutors

I have many hours of experience tutoring students in trigonomety,  precalculus, calculus and probability intro. Of the classes at CSU East Bay, I would be ok to tutor Math 115E, 120, 125, 130, 131, and 215. My email is ca.dood@gmail.com

Resources for On Campus Students

The University has available resources to help CSU East Bay students, for free. 

  • STEM LAB, Sci S142, drop in hours for Math 110/110E, 115E, 118/118E, 120, 125, and 130. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Statistics courses are also covered. 
  • SCAA, Student Center for Academic Achievement, offers peer tutoring in a wider range of math courses.