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For Future Teachers

MAST (Math and Science Teachers) Scholars 

  • Would you like some money to help pay for your studies to become a math or science teacher?
  • Apply online for the MAST scholarship at is Monday, Sept. 16, 2019
  • Up to $5,000 total in scholarships available for future teachers.
  • Who: 
    • The CSU East Bay Math and Science Teacher (MAST) Program is open to current STEM and Liberal Studies Majors. Transferring Community College students, current CSUEB Juniors and Seniors can apply (graduating from CSUEB in Spring 2019 or 2020).  
  • WHAT: 
    • CSUEB's MAST Scholars will join a community of students interested in STEM education. The scholars will engage in teacher education coursework, field experience directly in the K-12 classrooms, and science and math education workshops at CSUEB and in the greater Bay Area.
  • WHY: 
    • MAST is designed to provide scholars opportunities to explore science and mathematics teaching at the K-12 levels.

Affiliate Scholars

  • The MSTI (Math and Science Teaching Initiative) Program is designed to recruit and train students to become middle school or high school math and science teachers.  Another goal of the program is to expose high school students to the benefits and possibiities of pursuing a college degree at CSUEB. 
  • The MSTI Math and Science Affiliate Scholars program provides early field experience for potential math and science teachers.  These Scholars serve one or more teachers directly in the classroom. 
  • Get paid $14/hour to work in a classroom at a school district near you. 
  • Apply online at

Noyce Grants

  • For students majoring in a STEM (Science, Technolgoy, Engineering, Mathematics) field, up to $23,000 in grants available. Support available in senior and/or credential year. 
  • By working in a high-needs school, teachers who graduate from CSUEB while in the Noyce Teaching Scholarship program are better prepared, more confident in their teaching ability, and have much more successful careers as teachers. 
  • All Noyce Scholars will receive financial and professional support while they are in the Teaching Credential program at CSUEB, as well as be required to teach at a high-needs school for two years for every one year of support received from the Noyce Teaching Scholarship Program. 
  • To Apply: 

Credential Programs

  • For teaching in middle school or high school in a particular subject, such as mathematics, you need a single subject credential. 
  • For specific details on earning a single subject credential in mathematics, go to Subject Matter Preparation Program in Mathematics
  • For teaching elementary school, you need a multiple subject credential. 
  • Math Waiver Program (speak to the Single Subject Advisor - Take these courses and earn a certificate to waive taking the three required CSET exams for entry into a single subject math credential program. 
    • Math 375 (Differential Equations)
    • Math 321 (Abstract Algebra II) 
    • Math 340 (Modern Geometry)
    • Math 360 (Number Theory)
    • Stat 316 (Statistics and Probability for Science and Engineering)
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