Incoming First Year Student - Freshmen

Your Math Class Placement Info at CSU East Bay

Welcome to CSU East Bay!  We are so glad you have chosen to enroll here. 

We suggest you watch this Short Video Describing Math Placement(3:08 minutes) that gives an overview of the process. 

Our purpose is to give you a little more information about your first math course.  We are so excited to offer you this new opportunity to choose your own math course. 

To find out what you can expect to learn in each class, and how you can set yourself up for success, here are a few short videos for each math course: 

(NOTE: the questionnaire referred to below will be ready for publication shortly. Please check back here within a few days.)

The guided self placement option is where you can make an informed choice about which first math course you enroll in.  To start this option, please take this questionnaire. The questionnaire asks questions about your math experience and confidence with specific topics, and should help you make this important decision for yourself. 

The default option is where you would be automatically placed in your first math course, based on your high school courses, your GPA, and more info about you, by your advisor.


One of the early questions in the questionnaire asks you which option you would like to take: the default option or the guided self placement option.  Please fill out this question in the questionnaire to reflect your decision. 


If you have any questions about these two options, feel free to  reach out to the Chair of the Math Department, Dr. Julia Olkin, at

We are so excited to talk with you!