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Note from the Editor

Greetings Friends and Readers!

The students and faculty of the Philosophy Department at California State University, East Bay are proud to announce the return of our undergraduate philosophy journal, Reflections.

In its new incarnation, Reflections has moved from a paper format to an electronic one, and now highlights the works of CSUEB student authors.

This edition includes some of the finest and original work from students studying philosophy at CSUEB, majors, minors, and non-majors alike. The diverse topics of the articles range from human rights and aesthetics to causality and history. This edition also includes a special forum on the history of science, showing the historical context and development of ideas of three scientists: Darwin, Hoyle, and Faraday. These writings illustrate the points of connection between the fields of science and philosophy.

CSUEB students, please note the call for papers for the 2005 edition of Reflections.

We hope that you enjoy the collection of ideas and arguments from our philosophical community!

Questions or comments about Reflections? Please contact Jennifer Eagan, jennifer.eagan@csueastbay.edu

Editorial and Contributing Staff

Student Editorial Staff

  • Michelle Cascio
  • Brad Chambiln
  • Tiffany Tran

Faculty Editor and Advisor

  • Jennifer Eagan

Assistant Faculty Advisor

  • Russ Abrams

Web Designer and Technical Consultant

  • Roberta Millstein

Contributing Writers

  • Jon Brix
  • Cindy Chen
  • Hillary Fleenor
  • John Harvey
  • Marco Machado
  • Andre Schmidt
  • Darren L. Skoldqvist

Original Digital Art

  • Nancy Loquellano
  • “New Image” (Cover)
  • “A Future Past” (Table of Contents)

Special Thanks to

Ellie Larsen and all the faculty and students of the Philosophy Department at CSUEB.