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An Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy

Volume X, 2010

Note from the Editors

Greetings Friends and Readers!

The students and faculty of the Philosophy Department at California State University, East Bay are delighted to present the 2010 edition of our undergraduate philosophy journal,Reflections.

Reflections includes original work from students studying philosophy at CSUEB, majors, minors, and non-majors alike. In our 2010 edition, students are focusing on the philosophy of Immanuel Kant, ethics, and even science fiction. We are grateful to our CSUEB artists’ contributions in providing such stimulating art to accompany the ideas in this volume. All of the writing and art in this edition is created by CSUEB students. Our editorial and contributing staff hopes that the content stimulates your imagination.

This edition contains the winners of our third annual “Prestigious Bassen Prize” for the best written submissions to Reflections. Congratulations to Josh Clark for his first place essay “Threading the Needle: Attempting a Synthesis of Kant and Mill” and to Mark Albert Selzer for his second place essay “Kant’s Burning Question: Is A Priori Knowledge of Object”. Thanks to Lecturer Emerita Kit Blamey for donating the monetary scholarship award for this year.

CSUEB students, please note the call for papers for the 2011 edition of Reflections that appears at the end of the volume.

If you like the articles in this journal, please consider joining us for meetings of the Philosophy Society, or take a Philosophy class just for fun. We could be reading your ideas in a future edition! Please click on the Philosophy Department link below for more information.

Please join us to think about weird, meaningful, and interesting things!

Questions or comments about Reflections?

Please contact Jennifer Eagan,jennifer.eagan@csueastbay.edu

Editorial and Contributing Staff

Faculty Editors and Advisors:

  • Russ Abrams
  • Jennifer Eagan
  • Barbara Hall
  • Christopher Moreman

Web Designers/ Technical Consultants:

  • Steve Main
  • Roberta Millstein

Contributing Writers:

  • Josh Clark
  • Mark Albert Selzer
  • Victor Ma
  • Charles Peckham
  • Kayla Teixiera
  • Ryvenna Lewis
  • Jamin Pursell
  • Anthony R. Griffith

Contributing Artists:

  • Viki Eagles
  • Carol Faber
  • Pat McKeon
  • Diane Reilly
  • Dana Ross

Special Thanks to:

Mona Dongray, Teresa Taniguchi, Leigh Purry and all the students and faculty of the Philosophy Department at CSUEB.