CCE & Sankofa ​Community Engagement Internship

TWO- AND FOUR-YEAR HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS ACROSS THE NATION, as well as K-12 schools, are intentionally linking dimensions of civic and community engagement with learning to educate students for civic life. The benefits of this approach are well understood. Connecting the institutional mission and educational goals of colleges and universities with those of community organizations through thoughtfully designed civic engagement experiences improves student learning outcomes and strengthens the educational, economic, and social assets of colleges and communities alike. 
What is less broadly known is that these same efforts show potential to enhance students’ access to and success in college. Research demonstrates that connecting the classroom to the community is an effective pedagogical strategy. College students who participate in civic engagement learning activities not only earn higher grade point averages but also have higher retention rates and are more likely to complete their college degree. They also demonstrate improved academic content knowledge, critical thinking skills, written and verbal communication, and leadership skills. Moreover, these students show increased interest in becoming personally and professionally involved in future community based projects. 
The Sankofa Scholars Program is excited about the opportunity presented to us by the Center for Community Engagement. This opportunity affords both the program and students to remain connected to community in ways that support the growth and development of all stakeholders.