Access Management


The Cal State East Bay Information Security Office assists employees (e.g. faculty, staff and student assistants) in obtaining access to necessary systems and data while also providing procedures to assure that such requests are properly authorized and limited to the access that is required for employees to perform their job responsibilities.

  • A single Access Request form should be used when requesting access to multiple systems or data sources. It is not necessary or recommended to submit multiple access requests for each item needed.
  • The university Access Management request form is meant to be used for individual faculty, staff or student assistants requiring access to campus systems. For all other types of access requests, please follow the Campus Affiliation Request process as outlined by Human Resources (HR) here.
    • Other types of access requests may include, but are not limited to:
      • Bulk requests - A single request for multiple employees to have the same or similar access.
      • Sponsored Accounts - Accounts for vendor employees, consultants, auditors, academic colleagues or other users who are not CSUEB employees.
      • Service Accounts - Non-person accounts that are used to administer or monitor CSUEB systems and applications.
  • Once this form is submitted to HR and a NetId is generated, the sponsoring department can contact ITS for assistance in requesting new network access for the campus affiliate.

Before access to university systems can be granted, the requestor must complete some or all of the following security training courses, depending on what access is requested. All training is conducted online, please click to request security training.

  • Data Security and FERPA - this training is required for anyone to access university systems, including applications that contain information about our students.
  • HIPAA: Protecting Patient Privacy - this training is required for access to university-maintained medical data.

Guides (PDF format):

Video Demonstrations:

*All guides and videos are stored on Google Drive and require a faculty or staff NetID to access.