CSUEB Security

Awareness Training

Ensuring the security and integrity of our data is of utmost importance to CSU East Bay and the CSU system.  Each of us plays an integral role in this process.  To assist you in safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of our campus community data, you will be required to take the "Data Security & FERPA" training.

The "Data Security & FERPA" training course is available through CSU Learn and must be completed within 30 days from when you receive notification to take it.

Note:  You will be notified via email when to take the training. New employees will not receive this notice until 24-48 hours after their onboarding is completed by Human Resources.

Getting assistance

This training course is a web-based course taught through CSU Learn. See our CSU Learn support page HERE

You can also access a CSU Learn quick start guide HERE


Annually, all employees must take the “Data Security & FERPA” training course.  New employees are required to take the training within 30 days of employment, or sooner if additional data or system access is required by their department. In addition to this policy, other requirements for security awareness may be found in the Integrated California State University Administrative Manual under CSU Policies: Section 8000 –  Information Security.


On a monthly basis Information Security staff will email users that are 30 days past their compliance date with reminders that they must take "Data Security & FERPA" training. If more than one notification has been sent to an employee in 60 days, the notification will be escalated to the appropriate manager.

More information

For more information on security training, please email iso@csueastbay.edu

For more information CSU Learn, please contact csutraining@csueastbay.edu