Internet Access Resources

* Pell grant recipients  are eligible for this federal “Emergency Broadband Benefit Program”.

Below are some resources that Cal State East Bay students, faculty and staff can refer to assist them with securing an Internet connection during remote instruction and operation periods. 

  • Internet Provider Offers
  • Maps of Publicly Available Internet
  • Support Documentation for Internet Connectivity
ITS has put together a short video on summarizing how to improve your Internet connection at home: VIDEO

The following resources refer to discounts or special options from a range of Internet providers for those who may not have access to the Internet from off-campus locations. Please contact the providers directly to understand if they may apply to you:

  • EveryoneOn - Find Internet service provider deals in your area. Search by zip code.
  • FCC agreement (.*pdf) stating that providers will waive late fees, not cutoff service for lack of payment, and open hot-spots.
  • Sonic: During the COVID-19 outbreak, Sonic is offering three months of free Internet access and unlimited nationwide home telephone service to households with K-12, college students, or senior citizens 60 or older.
  • Comcast: offers free WiFi for 2 months to low income families plus all Xfinity hot-spots are free to the public during this time.
  • AT&T: offers open hot-spots, unlimited data to existing customers, and $10/month plans to low income families.
  • Verizon: no special offers, but following the FCC agreement.
  • Sprint: follows FCC agreement, provides unlimited data to existing customers, and, starting Tuesday, 3/17/2020, will allow all handsets to enable hot-spots for 60 days at no extra charge.
  • T-Mobile: follows FCC agreement, plus unlimited data to existing customers, and, coming soon, will allow all handsets to enable hot-spots for 60 days at no extra charge.

Emergency Broadband Benefit Program for Pell grant recipients

Spreading the word that Pell grant recipients are eligible for this federal “Emergency Broadband Benefit Program”. The program includes:

  • Up to a $50/month discount on broadband service and associated equipment rentals
  • A one-time discount of up to $100 for a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer (with a co-payment of more than $10 but less than $50)


The application period opens on May 12, 2021:

  • Hayward Campus Outdoor WiFi: A map of WiFi service in selected outdoor areas on the Hayward campus of the University.
  • Comcast: Public hotspots can be found across neighborhoods and commercial areas - use the Hotspot WiFi Finder to locate the one nearest to you.
  • Eduroam: Eduroam is a wireless network that provides guest WiFi access to participating educational institutions using your Cal State East Bay credentials. It allows Cal State East Bay faculty, staff and students to travel to Eduroam-enabled locations around the world and still have access to WiFi.