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What is Duo Security?

Duo Security is a company that provides a cloud-based software service that utilizes two-factor authentication to ensure secure access to services and data. 

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication provides a second layer of security to any type of login, requiring extra information or a physical device to log in, in addition to your password.

By requiring two different channels of authentication, we can protect user logins from remote attacks that may exploit stolen usernames & passwords.  

The factors may include:

  • Something you know
    • A unique username and password
  • Something you have
    • A smartphone with an app to approve authentication requests
  • Something you are
    • Biometrics - like your fingerprint

Learn more by clicking here for a two minute video, "What is Two-Factor Authentication?".

Why do we need two-factor authentication?

Login credentials are more valuable than ever and are increasingly easy to compromise. Over 90% of breaches today involve compromised usernames & passwords. 

Two-factor authentication enhances the security of your account by using a secondary device to verify your identity. This prevents anyone but you from accessing your account, even if they know your password.

How will Duo change my login experience?

When logging in to an application that is protected by Duo, you will still enter your username and password.  After inputting your login information, you will be required to complete a method of second-factor authentication.

What is Duo Mobile & Duo Push?

Duo Mobile is Duo Security’s free app that allows you to quickly and easily approve a second-factor authentication request with one tap using Duo Push.

With Duo Mobile & Duo Push, there is no need to carry a bulky token or waste time manually entering in passcodes. Just one tap to authenticate right on your smartphone.

Learn more by clicking here for a short video, "Authenticate with Duo Push on iPhone".


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