Committee on Sustainability (CS)

*formerly known as the "Ad Hoc Committee on Sustainability (CAHS)"

The Committee on Sustainability meets the second and forth Monday of the month from 2:00 - 3:50 PM in SF 329.

Committees meet during Fall and Spring semesters. They do not meet during the weeks of finals or during breaks.

CHAIR: Ryan Heryford; English, at-large member w/ research/teaching interests at the intersections of sustainability, social justice, equity and inclusion (20-21)

Jillian Buckholz; Director of Sustainability 
Tyler Evans; Biological Sciences (20-22)
Bryan Forrester; Lecturer (20-21)
Michael Hall; Art (20-21)
Kea Kaholoaa; ASI Dir. of Sustainability (20-21)
Mee Sook Kim; Management (20-21)
Erick Kong; HRT, (20-22)
Tony Marks-Block; AGES, at-large member w/ expertise in Environmental Science and/or Environmental Studies (20-21)
Sharon Radcliff; LIB (20-21)
Jung You; Economics, SULO (20-22)