Study Abroad 101

Steps for Participating in Study Abroad/Study Away

  1. Do you have a passport?
    • Start here to renew or apply for a U.S. passport.  Start the application process now so you don't have to pay expedite fees or stress about last-minute delays to your travel plans.
    • The Hayward City Clerk is a passport acceptance facility,or check out your local post office
    • Click here for information about applying for a US passport. 
    • If you are not a U.S. citizen, check with your local consulate or embassy for passport application/renewal instructions.
    • Concerned about traveling outside the U.S.?  Don't worry - we have domestic exchange options as well through National Student Exchange!  Consider studying in another U.S. state or territory instead.   (Or perhaps start with National Student Exchange, and then after that apply for a study abroad program!)
  2. How does Study Abroad/Study Away work anyway?  Through our network of colleges and universities (both within the U.S. and overseas), CSU East Bay students can apply to spend up to an academic year at another institution, taking classes, living in a new culture/community, perhaps even studying another language - and working with faculty advisors at CSU East Bay to have those classes added to the CSUEB transcript and make progress in completing CSUEB degree requirements.
  3. Is this affordable?  Program costs can vary a bit by location - but there are many places in the world where the cost of living is lower than here in California.  Most financial aid can also be applied to program costs.  Take time to research and apply for scholarships as well!
  4. What are the eligibility requirements?  
    • CSUEB requires students to be in good academic standing (at the time of application and while on exchange), in good standing with the Student Conduct, Rights and Responsibilities Office, and to be eligible to enroll at CSUEB throughout the time of the program.
    • It is recommended that students complete General Education areas A2 and B4 prior to participating in study abroad/exchange. (CSUEB requires that these courses be completed by the end of the students's forth semester of study.)  
    • When researching programs webpage's, please review additional eligibility criteria (such as minimum gpa, class standing, and in some cases language proficiency.)
  5. Where can I study?  CSU East Bay offers a variety of programs throughout the U.S. and in over 50 countries.  While the number of opportunities can at first feel overwhelming - do not worry - our office is here to help!
  6. How do I know which program is best for me?  What are your goals?  Start making notes about your priorities - how soon do you want to go?  What types of classes do you want to take? (GE courses, language courses, or do you want to focus on your major/minor abroad?  Do you have a geographic preference?  How long can you be away? (Programs vary in length from a few weeks, to a semester or an academic year.)
  7. Explore program options. Attend an information session, read about our programs on this website, start browsing host university websites to get a feel for the location (urban/suburban) and academics (classes in English, with locals, etc.) of the university. 
  8. Schedule an appointment with our Exchange Program Advisor through BayAdvisor and come prepared with questions!  Our advisor can help you narrow the search once we know more about your goals!  We'll also start discussing program budget, application process, and possible scholarships.  (If for whatever reason you're not able to access BayAdvisor, send an email to with some suggested days & times and request an appointment.)
  9. Schedule appointments with your academic department(s) to discuss the course approval process.  The more courses you have approved in advance, the easier it will be to keep on track towards graduation!
  10. Review the program costs. If you receive Financial Aid speak with a financial aid counselor to discuss your program budget and anticipated financial aid award.
  11. Complete the appropriate application(s) for your desired program(s). Make note of priority deadlines and keep in touch with our Exchange Program Advisor!