Program Options

The Center for International Education offers programs that allow students to study abroad in another country or in another part of the US. Financial aid and residential credit applies to all of the following programs. The programs include:

CSU International Programs

This is the system-wide overseas study program of the CSU system. Programs are all one year in length to allow students to get the most out of study abroad experience, personally and academically.

  • Programs in 18 different countries
  • Coursework available for numerous majors
  • Not all programs require prior language study
  • Students receive assistance from a Resident Director or local staff once overseas

CSUEB Exchange Program
CSUEB exchange programs are one-to-one exchanges with another university overseas. You will be responsible for paying CSUEB fees while your tuition at the host university is waived. Semester and year-long options are available, depending on location.

  • Coursework available for numerous majors
  • No foreign language study required prior to exchange
  • Students receive assistance from local staff when overseas

International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)
Through ISEP, students have the opportunity to study in one of over 50 countries for a semester or academic year.  Some summer programs are also available.

National Student Exchange (NSE)
This program allows students to study in another university within the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico. Length of stay ranges from one quarter to one school year.

Non-CSUEB Programs