Helping First-Generation Students Succeed Abroad

First generation students have unique qualities and experiences that make them ideal candidates for studying abroad. While it’s never easy to be the first do anything, you’ve already proven your ability to forge a new path and navigate a new environment by being the first in your family to attend college. CSUEB Study Abroad wants to help you continue to be a pioneer in your education by helping you take full advantage of the many study abroad opportunities available to you!

What Are Your Goals?

Think about how a study abroad experience will help you accomplish your goals. Whether these are personal, academic, or professional, identifying how an experience abroad will help you reach your goals can help you find the right location, program, and experience for you. Once you’ve done this, it will be easier to articulate and communicate your study abroad plans with family members.

How Will This Fit Into Your Academic Plan?

Just as there are several paths to a college degree, there are several paths you can take to complete a study abroad experience. You may be in your freshman year, or you may have recently transferred to CSUEB from another institution. Wherever you find yourself in your academic career, we offer several programs to accommodate different life situations.

If you have the flexibility for a longer program, you can go abroad for a semester or academic year for an immersive experience. If the semester or year-long programs don’t work with your schedule, you can opt to participate in a short-term faculty-led study abroad opportunity available in summer.

Your Study Abroad advisor, with the help of your academic advisor, can help you pick a program that will enhance your undergraduate academic experience and ensure you graduate on your desired date.

How Can Study Abroad Be Affordable?

Finances for study abroad are a consideration for nearly all students regardless of background.  Financial Aid (grants, loans) can be applied to almost all programs. Some rules/restrictions apply based on the type of scholarship and program, and your Study Abroad advisor can help explain what scholarships are best for you to apply for.

Talk To A Study Abroad Advisor

Make an appointment with an Study Abroad advisor to find a program and location that works for you. Advisors will also work with you through every step of the study abroad process.

Do Your Research

Research a few destinations you’re interested to learn about what it will be like living, studying, and possibly interning there.

Talk to people who have studied abroad before. CSUEB Study Abroad can connect you with our study abroad alumni. These are current CSUEB students who have recently studied abroad and can share their experiences with you and answer any questions you may have.

Make A Plan

Once you’ve found the right program for you, keep track of application deadlines and requirements specific to your location.

Decide how you will stay in contact with your support systems back home.

Ready to begin your adventure? Attend a Zoom general information session and make an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor.